Lakshmi Machine Works (LMW) has unveiled a 3-pronged approach of automisation, digitisation and innovation for addressing the emerging challenges of the spinning industry at the ongoing ITMA 2019 in Barcelona, Spain. LMW’s technology and features in hall 6 booth C108 are being well appreciated and received by customers at the textile machinery fair. LMW is displaying innovative products for ring spinning segment, open end segment and air jet spinning segment at the 7-day fair that concludes on June 26.

Committed to address the challenges being faced by the spinning industry, LMW’s RAP (RingframeAutopiecing) system by regular underpiecing method is a revolutionary automation for the spinning industry. It will lead to major labour saving. With a benchmarking piecing time of less than 45 seconds, this innovative product is ‘talk of the town’, according to the company. To shorten the yarn manufacturing process LMW has launched Lakshmi jet spinning LJS9—an economical jet spinning yarn manufacturing solution which gives a reduction in manpower to the tune of 50 per cent.The key features include: delivery speed up to 550 mpm; max up to 200 drums; individual drive for each spinning unit; dual side spinning for better space utilisation; robotic piecing system; and dual filter system—independent on each side.

Lakshmi auto winder LAW 60 has delivery speed up to 2200 mpm, max drums up to 60 for linkconer; individual drive for all machine elements, dual preparation station for courser counts, auto doffer for package handling, RFID technology for peg  identification–individual spindle monitoring, same pegs moves from RF to link winder, position of HMI near to preparation station – ease in trouble shooting, drum with 2 / 2.5 & 3 turns are available, and compatible for cone angles – 3deg37mins  / 4deg20 mins / 5 deg 57 mins. The Fix Fil can changer mechanism with minimal movement of can (approx. half of can dia) leads to efficiency improvement as can change happens at the running speed without reduction. Centre to centre distance of card is minimum (3.3m for 1000mm can dia& 3.8m for 1200mm can dia). It also has dual can plate with individual drive arrangement, in-built can pusher arrangement, and doffed can monitoring sensor inbuilt. In Magnus Can dia up to 1200mm is possible with height of 1200mm & 1300mm with the can content increase up to 44% & 56% respectively. Advantages are related to minimal can movements, reduction in number of doff and thereby increase in efficiency in card, drawframe, etc.

The Card with Drafting System (CDS) has 2/2 drafting system with servo control, pneumatic loading of top rollers – easy adjustment of pressure & release, auto levelling of sliver in CDS through servo drive control, auto piecing of sliver, speed up to 700 m/min, and electronic sliver cutting mechanism. Moreover, with CDS, simplified process is possible for air jet spinning yarn preparation.