• Latest MorganTecnica Denim fabric cutting room technologies on display
  • Launch of order analysis management software – Mastermind
  • Will also present snapshots of 3D virtual design software

Italian fabric cutting room solutions provider, MorganTecnica will be presenting Denim Show, an online virtual event; with live demonstrations of the very best solutions in Denim garment manufacturing. The show to be organised on October 21, 22 and 23, 2020, will be divided into 11 events and will be hosted in eight different languages.

In each two-hour event, MorganTecnica will cut Denim fabrics in real-time with its machines and will also showcase its top solutions for model creation, order management and optimal denim garment manufacturing, while demonstrating optimal spreading and labelling to super fast and precise cutting with both its high and low ply solutions.

The company will also present snapshots of its 3D virtual design software and its order planner and manager software, plus the additional range of equipment for all Denim fabric cutting solutions.

Due to its constant R&D efforts, MorganTecnica offers cutting room solutions that are adaptable to the different demands of Denim garment manufacturing like loaders, spreaders, labeler machines and cutting machines that fully meet every market’s demand.

Intelligence in order planning and cutting rooms is what guarantees a competitive advantage and greater profitability. To address this critical need, MorganTecnica will also launch Mastermind, an order analysis management software, that guarantees the best possible efficiency in terms of material, time consumption and cutting room equipment optimisation at the Denim Show.

Since the creation of 3D models is also very important, the Denim Show will also present all the benefits of using 3Dress for model and sample creation of Denim garments. The 3Dress software also helps in reducing the time to market.

“The virtual show is a new direct communication tool with existing and potential customers worldwide. It’s clear that the future will move more and more towards this direction. The Covid-19 crisis has accelerated this inevitable revolution,” Fabrizio Giachetti, CEO of MorganTecnica said.

“Our first virtual show experiment in July 2020 was a great success so now we have set up a new show to present our best solutions for Denim garment manufacturing and will certainly organise many more such shows in the future,” he added

During the three days of the Denim Show, MorganTecnica machines will cut over 3,000 meters of denim fabric. Due to its ethical stance and its belief in sustainable solutions based on the three pillars (people, planet and profit), the company will donate cut denim fabrics to local Italian entities.

“Sustainability has always inspired our corporate conduct and is fully reflected in MorganTecnica’s technological solutions. With this show too, we will not waste any of the cut fabrics, by also turning the part of the cut fabrics into a special and limited series of high-end jeans,” Federica Giachetti, President of MorganTecnica informed.

“The proceeds will be donated to organisations, which are helping citizens during the current Covid-19 pandemic. This is a small but concrete example of real sustainability, of which I am particularly proud,”

Federica too added.

Registration link for the Denim Show – https://www.morgantecnica.com/denim-show

About MorganTecnica:

MorganTecnica is an Italian company with headquarter in Adro (BS) and branches in Canada, USA, Hong Kong and India and is a specialist in solutions for the cutting room. It has over 12 years of experience and exports to more than 60 countries. The company has the largest range of cutting room solutions, designing and producing several types of roll loading and handling systems, automatic spreaders, tables, labelers and automatic cutters. MorganTecnica has also developed smart software for the creation of 2D and 3D models, product management, order management, nesting optimisation, among others.