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Lithuanian capital lock up ‘Mask Fashion Week’ due to COVID19

Published: May 29, 2020

The UNESCO World Heritage city of Vilnius capture photographs of people wearing masks as part of a ‘Mask Fashion Week’

Lithuania’s capital Vilnius is holding a special kind of fashion week suited to this time of a pandemic — no catwalks; just billboards and no fancy costumes on display; just face masks. Twenty-one billboards dotted around the UNESCO World Heritage city feature photographs of men, women and children wearing masks as part of a ‘Mask Fashion Week’.

All Lithuanians are required to wear masks outside as a preventative measure against the spread of COVID-19. The designs were selected by members of local Facebook group ‘Mask Your Fashion’, launched by designerJulija Janus to share novel designs for masks and tips on how to make them at home.“A mask is a good way to display your creativity, to express yourself. And it’s a good activity to do when you are sitting at home with the kids,” said the 50-year-old designer.

The billboards display both custom-sewn masks from scratch and surgical masks with designs painted on them, she said. Those depicted in the photos include local artists, musicians, people chosen randomly from the street and even the mayor of Vilnius, Remigijus Simasius.
“When this current plague started, I was wondering if anyone would try walking around in the medieval mask. Then a photographer offered me one, and that person turned out to be me,” Bruzaite told Reuters.

“Some people like it, some don’t. Some approach me to give a compliment ortake a selfie,” she added. Lithuania shut most shops,restaurants and customer-facing businesses on March 16 in a lockdown imposed to help curb the spread of the virus. It began easing some of the restrictions late last month as the number of infections fell. The Baltic nation of 2.9 million people has so farreported 1,423 coronavirus cases, including 46 deaths.

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