Steril Saglik Urunleri, a Turkish manufacturer of personal protective equipment, has created a lightweight protective suit, made of breathable material that ensures comfort and safety. The new suit is now available to every region of the country. In the experiments the COV-SARS 2 virus was destroyed in 10 seconds on the laminated cloth surface.

Harmful chemicals aren’t used. The suit is constructed entirely of environmentally sustainable fabrics. A license complaint has been made. The materials used on the surface are generated in nanoscale ppm levels, which are defined by FDA.

Healthcare staff rely on personal protective equipment to shield themselves and their patients from the transmission of respiratory diseases and microorganisms. Since the pandemic at COVID-19, PPE has been more important than ever.

In these most unusual circumstances, carrying out our mission to organize all our talents and resources to benefit the well-being and health of people everywhere is fulfilling for the Steril Saglik Urunleri team. We will continue to help accomplish this aim through and after this crisis has finished, “he said.