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FMI’ Analyst view: “Uncover the Power of Protection: Self-Laminating Labels in the Market Today”

Published: May 10, 2023

As per Future Market Insights, the self-laminating labels market is anticipated to attain a value pool of US$ 100 billion by 2023-end. Global demand for self-laminating labels is expected to rise at a CAGR of 5.5% to US$ 170 billion in 2033.

Regulatory Compliance: How Self-Laminating Labels Help Ensure Legal Requirements

Growing demand for durable labelling solutions: Self-laminating labels offer superior durability compared to other labelling solutions, making them a popular choice for applications where long-lasting labels are essential, such as in the manufacturing, construction and automotive industries.

Increasing need for efficient identification and tracking: Self-laminating labels can be used to create high-visibility labels that are easy to read and can be applied quickly and efficiently, making them an ideal solution for applications where efficient identification and tracking are critical, such as in the logistics and warehousing industries.

Expansion of the e-commerce industry: The e-commerce industry is growing rapidly, and self-laminating labels are a popular choice for labelling products that are shipped directly to consumers. This is driving demand for self-laminating labels that can withstand the rigors of shipping and handling.

Advancements in label printing technology: Advancements in label printing technology, such as digital printing and UV-curable inks, are making it easier and more cost-effective to produce high-quality self-laminating labels with customized designs and variable data.

Regulations and compliance requirements: Many industries are subject to regulations and compliance requirements that mandate the use of durable and legible labelling solutions. Self-laminating labels offer a reliable and cost-effective way to comply with these regulations and ensure that products are labelled correctly.

Revolutionizing Labelling: The Growing Demand for Self-Laminating Labels

Customization of label designs and formats: With advancements in label printing technology, self-laminating label manufacturers can offer customized label designs and formats that meet the specific needs of their customers. This presents an opportunity to offer unique solutions and differentiate themselves from competitors.

Emphasis on safety and compliance: Many industries require labelling solutions that meet safety and compliance regulations. Self-laminating label manufacturers can capitalize on this opportunity by offering labels that meet industry-specific safety standards and comply with regulatory requirements.

Integration with emerging technologies: Emerging technologies such as RFID and NFC present an opportunity for self-laminating label manufacturers to integrate their products with these technologies, creating new value propositions for their customers. For example, self-laminating labels with embedded RFID tags can be used for tracking and inventory management in warehouses and supply chain operations.

How High-Performing Durability of Self-Laminating Label is Uplifting the Sales to a Great Extent?

The self-laminating labels protect the data which is written or printed from various components. These labels can be used indoor as well as outdoor. The data can be read at any time even after years. The self-laminating labels do not get torn so data printed or written on them can be accessed at any point in time.

The various end-use industries can use it as a tool for branding or advertising by printing their logo or name on the labels which will remain for long time. The data get protected from spill over and starches which increases its visibility and readability life. Overall, the high-performing durability propel the demand for self-laminating labels.

What Hinders the Growth of the Self-Laminating Labels Market?

The factor that limits the growth of self-laminating labels is the cost factor. The materials used in self-laminating labels are costly as they contain various additional benefits than other materials used in labels. The high cost of raw material leads to the price inflation of the self-laminating labels.

How will the Growing Cables & Wires Market Create Opportunity for the Self-Laminating Labels Market?

The cables and wires are used predominantly in various industries such as telecom, IT, machinery, and others. These cables and wires need to be label to recognize them during any repair work. The self-laminating labels are used on cables & wires as they do not get torn and are durable.

Also, the cables & wires used in telecom industry faces various temperature as used outdoor, so the self-laminating labels are best suitable as they are withstand in high temperature also. Thus, the increasing cables & wires market will propel the demand and sales for self-laminating labels.

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