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Colorbar’s Magical Must-haves to Ace this Season’s Navratri, Durga Puja & Dussehra

Published: October 19, 2023

It’s that time of the year when the lively beats of Navratri awaken us, infusing us with positivity and painting the air with a blend of colors, music, and magic! We eagerly look forward to the cherished moment when we can open our hearts and homes to welcome the Goddess! And as we prepare to don ourselves in the most vibrant and stunning ensembles for the upcoming festivities, let Colorbar be your guide in the realm of beauty. Colorbar is here to sprinkle a little extra glam and magic into your life, allowing you to be your unapologetically true self! What’s more? The brand has got you covered with an extraordinary lineup of products and thrilling new releases, especially for the festivities.

Whether you prefer to visit Colorbar’s exclusive store or the website, you’ll discover a collection of personalized beauty treasures that are as unique as you are. These treasures can be adorned with engravings, adding that personal touch with your name, initials, or a special character. Furthermore, to ensure that you find makeup products perfectly suited to your fabulous self, simply scan a QR code and answer a few questions about your style and you’ll receive personalized skincare and makeup recommendations tailored to your skin tone and makeup preferences.

So, prepare to infuse your Navratri, Durga Puja, and Dussehra looks with a dash of Colorbar’s magic!

The selection for the festivities includes:

Colorbar’s Pro Eyeshadow PalettesFor those who believe in letting the eyes do the talking, these newly launched festive palettes will leave everyone stunned with the allure these will add to this year’s puja look.  Priced at INR 2,800/- the palettes are available in three variants namely- Fairly Tale, Pixie Love and Spellbound, with absolutely magical glittering and matte shades, that are sure to brighten up your look and compliment your both bold and minimal styles for this year’s pandal hopping and Navratri celebrations 

Colorbar’s 24Hrs Weightless Liquid Foundation: This first-of-its-kind hydrating long-wear foundation is designed to make you shine on each and every occasion panning the 9 days! With an exquisite range of 30 shades, it ensures a flawless and radiant look that perfectly complements your unique undertone. Its feather-light consistency effectively retains moisture, resulting in a radiant complexion that stays shine-free throughout the day. The plush, resilient, oil-free, and satin-smooth formula not only offers protection but also ensures your skin remains flawless and well-protected, luxuriously hydrated to prevent any damage.

Priced at INR 1,095, this product is pure and gentle, devoid of parabens, allergens, and fragrances, making it suitable for all skin types.

Colorbar’s Sinful Lip and Cheek TintA must-have for the season! This highly pigmented, weightless formula works like magic, delivering an instant flushed look that makes you look lively and fresh! It’s non-sticky, non-drying, and lasts up to 10 hours, ensuring you stay flawless all day long. What sets it apart is its gorgeous velvet matte finish, which is ultra-blendable and buildable, allowing you to create endless youthful, flattering looks for both lips and cheeks. The Colorbar Sinful Lip and Cheek Tint, priced at INR 1,200 in 10 vibrant shades is a true festive season essential destined to become your beauty kit’s new best friends.

Colorbar’s Ultimate Stunner Kajal: This versatile pencil is your Kajal, Eyeliner, and Eyeshadow all rolled into one, offering the utmost convenience for all your festive looks. Its highly pigmented formula delivers an instant release of the deepest black color with a single stroke. What makes it different is its long-wearing, waterproof formula that is in place throughout the day, ensuring your eyes remain the center of attention all night long. Priced at just INR 750, this eye pencil even comes equipped with an inbuilt sharpener, allowing you to achieve a precise tip for applying both thin and thick lines with effortless ease.

Colorbar’s Starry Drops Highlighter: A highlighter that is the perfect companion for your festive beauty routine, delivering an instant glow to your makeup look. It boasts a super lightweight texture that effortlessly imparts a natural, radiant luster, giving you that coveted dewy skin finish. Powered by innovative hyper-gloss technology, it leaves your skin with a divine and ethereal glow. Priced at just INR 1,500 in 2 variants, the gel-like base of the Colorbar Starry Drops Highlighter spreads seamlessly and blends effortlessly, making it an absolute must-have addition to your beauty arsenal. Whether you’re aiming for a dewy daytime look or looking to dazzle with the perfect shimmer for the night, this high-definition highlighter has you covered.

Colorbar’s Fix n Glow Spray: This new setting spray is your secret weapon for flawless radiance that lasts from day to night. Not only does it hydrate your skin weightlessly, but it also locks your makeup in place, ensuring it retains that ‘just applied’ look. Priced at just INR 899, this newly launched spray is crafted with a high-performance formula designed to deliver a flawless finish, effectively preventing your makeup from melting, fading, or creasing. So, revel in the celebrations to the fullest, because Colorbar’s Fix N Glow spray is your trusted ally, ready to preserve your radiant glow for a night of festive fun that you’ll cherish forever.

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