Life is uncertain, and it is always advisable to navigate through it prepared. To battle any challenge that might come your way, you must learn and master survival skills. A survival kit is one sure way to ensure you can face any disaster. And not just any kit; it should be equipped with the right tools and gadgets for the danger. Getting the right products for survival can be challenging, but that is not the case if you opt for subscription boxes.

These boxes come with the best items for when you are facing the crack of doom. Some come specialized to your specific needs and preferences. Whether it is an earthquake or any threat, they are the best way to prepare yourself.  

Subscription boxes eliminate the need to move from one store to another in search of the right supplies. From accessories and gears to hydration supplies and everything in between, you will find what you need to survive. That said, this piece will go through the top five best subscription boxes to prepare for any challenge.  




  1. Crate Club


The first survival subscription box you need to check out is Crate Club. This box brings you survival and tactical gear that pros have carefully tested and selected. Moreover, the box’s value, content, and price will depend on your chosen subscription plan. 

Considering this option? There are four primary levels of boxes at your disposal, including: 

  • Lieutenant – If you are looking for casual or new traction, go for the Lieutenant. Here, you will enjoy defense and survival tools from EDC gear, fire starters, and more. This plan will suit you if you are starting to enjoy the outdoors or cool gear. You can get it monthly for $49.99. 
  • Captain – Captain is the second plan. It is more advanced than the Lieutenant and comes with a mix of tactical and survival gear chosen by pros for everyday utilization. With this plan, you will be better prepared for anything that comes your way. You will enjoy survival tools, self-defense gear, medical kits, EDC packs, outdoor essentials, and spoils. At $99.99 a month, this box will be yours to have.  
  • Major – The third tier is aimed at an experienced survivalist who has done and seen everything. It is for those seeking a new challenge or discovering new premium gear. In this plan, you get ahead of all the competition with high-quality items that have undergone rigorous tests. The box starts at $199.99. 
  • General – Finally, the General tier is the highest of the four and includes tactical and survival gear professionals utilize. It is the big kahuna of gearboxes, with tactical gear that would be used in the frontline. The items in the box include tactical defense flashlights, bulletproof bag inserts, EDC tools, binoculars, etc. You can have it at $399.99 quarterly or $1399.99 annually.  


Survival Subscription Box


  1. BattlBox


Battlbox is another great subscription box that can prepare you for challenging and extreme scenarios. They deliver epic survival, outdoor, and EDC gear monthly, with these items undergoing rigorous tests. That said, you will receive med-kits, fire starters, backpacks, tents, tools, knives, and other survival gear. Therefore, you will have what it takes to face a challenge head-on.  

The company liaises with the best brands to give you the highest quality gear. These brands include Lord & Field Outfitters, Grenade Soap, and Going Gear. The monthly subscriptions range between $34.99 (Basic plan) and $169.99 (Pro Plus plan). You can use the gear you receive in your everyday life or save it for the day you need it. 

  1. Nomadik Monthly


Nomadik Monthly is a subscription box encouraging you to live your best life without fear. It sends high-end functional gears that world-class adventurers have given the nod. 

The box has multi-functional tools, with some integrating new technologies. Every box has a primary product, smaller products, and educational items pulled together into a survival theme. They work with premium brands, and you can access discounts from these top brands as a member.  


Survival Subscription Kit


  1. Barrel & Blade Tactical Box


This box is geared towards general survival and tactical gear. You will receive EDC, tactical, survival gear, and gun and knife accessories. It is sold on a level basis, and you can settle on a Level 1 or Level 2 subscription.  

The makers of the Barrel & Blade Tactical Box liaise with experts. So, you will get the items that you need.

  1. Primal Outpost


Primal Outpost gives you a different survival gear set every month. They send at least five products with each box. You will get items ranging from camping to fitness to climbing gear. Much of this gear is made so it is easy to store. You will not have to worry about space.

Subscription Box 



Survival subscription boxes can be an excellent investment for anyone who wants to be prepared in case of disaster and emergency. They offer an excellent way to build up survival gear, whether one is a seasoned prepper or they are starting. Remember, you always need to be prepared for the worst. The above boxes are some of the most renowned in the market. By subscribing to any of them, you will have peace of mind knowing you can face anything that comes your way.

Author: Jessica