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Lenzing’s VEOCEL™ brand launches hydrophobic lyocell fibers with Dry technology

Published: June 30, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali

The VEOCEL™ branded lyocell fibers with the patented Dry technology are an eco-responsible alternative to fossil-based materials in personal hygiene products by providing hydrophobic characteristics whilst being biodegradable and compostable

˜  The fibers are soft to touch and provide a dry feeling to the wearer when applied within top sheets in personal care products

30 June 2021, Lenzing – In its quest to drive greater sustainability in the personal care and hygiene industry, the VEOCEL™ brand has launched a new offering: VEOCEL™ branded lyocell fibers with Dry technology which are naturally smooth and gentle on skin, ensuring comfort for sensitive skin. Absorbent hygiene products are an indispensable part of many consumers’ lives and are relied upon daily. As these are essential items, it is important that they should offer maximum comfort and relief to the user. This is demonstrated by the new VEOCEL™ branded lyocell fibers which have the capacity to provide a high level of comfort, softness and dryness, when applied in these types of products. 

Combining high-performance with sustainability
Increasingly, consumer expectations are extending beyond functional needs, to focus on natural materials and ingredient transparency. However, consumers should never have to compromise between functionality, comfort and sustainability, and it is critical that such intimate products provide both – as the new VEOCEL™ branded lyocell fibers can offer. While most hydrophobic fibers are fossil-based fibers, Dry technology by Lenzing allows cellulosic VEOCEL™ branded lyocell fibers to achieve similar liquid-controlling properties built on a biodegradable, botanic-derived material. The fibers are also soft to touch and gentle on the skin, thus beneficial for applications that have direct contact with skin, such as in femcare and period care products, adult incontinence products and baby diapers.
“We have observed a growing trend of consumers who are mindful of product ingredients, so we created a product that can offer both sustainability and performance,” said Jürgen Eizinger, Vice President of Global Nonwovens Business at Lenzing. “Our new VEOCEL™ Lyocell fibers with Dry technology are certified biodegradable and compostable – therefore, offering an eco-friendly and quality alternative to fossil-based materials. The VEOCEL™ brand is continually expanding its capacities and innovations for wood-based specialty fibers as a means to reduce the industry’s reliance on fossil-based materials in personal care products.”
Eco-friendly solution to better protect the environment
A recent Stifel survey indicates that 83% of consumers believe it is important for companies to act sustainably[1]. This drive comes from the rising number of eco-conscious consumers, who are acutely aware of the environmental impact of disposable products and are searching for products which are better for the environment. In particular, consumers are increasingly favoring products that are eco-friendly in baby and femcare products. To meet this growing demand and lessen the impact on the environment, VEOCEL™ branded fibers are certified biodegradable and compostable under various conditions.
Not only are the hydrophobic VEOCEL™ branded lyocell fibers with Dry technology environmentally friendly, but they also provide great comfort and a feeling of dryness for the wearer, which comes from enabling strategic fluid distribution. This is a particularly useful trait in absorbent hygiene products as it helps to manage bodily fluids, keeping the surface dry and the touch soft even after encountering liquid. Overall, this contributes to a comfortable personal care experience for the wearer and allows them to feel as if their skin is next to nature.

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