Lenzing to present awards for research in several categories again in 2023 

Competition for bachelor’s and master’s degree students – awards ceremony at the Dornbirn  Global Fiber Congress 

Deadline for applications is July 16, 2023 

Each winning project will receive a prize of EUR 5,000 

Lenzing – The Lenzing Group, a world-leading provider of specialty fibers for the textile and nonwoven  industries, is set to present the Young Scientist Award for outstanding research in the field of fibers and textiles  again in 2023. Bachelor’s and master’s degree students will have the opportunity to submit their scientific work  in the categories of fashion and circularity, textile recycling and the innovative use of biobased fibers to a jury  of well-known industry experts.  

The jury consists of Karla Magruder (Founder of Acceleration Circularity), Friedericke von Wedel-Parlow  (Beneficial Design Institute Berlin) and Dieter Eichinger (Head of Standardization and Innovation, Secretary General of BISFA). All winning projects will be duly awarded a cash prize of EUR 5,000 at the 62nd Dornbirn  Global Fiber Congress (GFC), which is organized by the Austrian Fibers Institute and will take place from  September 13 to 15, 2023. The Institute focuses on issues relating to the future such as fiber innovations,  sustainability and circularity, which will also be on the agenda at the GFC. The aim of the Young Scientist  Award is to promote the students’ work and create a platform for networking with the textile and fiber industry. 

“As one of the leading innovators in sustainably produced fibers and wovens for decades, Lenzing is best  positioned to make a real difference and create a better future for the generations to come. Driving research  and development forward and supporting young scientists in realizing their ideas at all times is not just a matter  that is close to our heart. We are convinced that innovation and technological progress are vital to our success