Clear commitment to improving the environmental footprint of textile and nonwoven industries Global initiative TfS promotes sustainable design of global supply chains 

Lenzing – The Lenzing Group, a world-leading provider of wood-based specialty fibers for the global textile and  nonwoven industries, has joined the chemical industry’s sustainable supply chain initiative, Together for  Sustainability (TfS). Together with Lenzing, numerous internationally active chemical companies have joined the  initiative. Their common goal is to make the global supply chains of the chemical industry sustainable. 

“Joining the TfS initiative is another clear commitment to improving the environmental footprint of the global  textile and nonwoven industries and proves that sustainability is taken very seriously at Lenzing – so much so  that sustainability is at the heart of our business strategy. So much so, it sits at the core of the Group’s business  strategy. The industry needs innovation in order to transition from linear to circular ways of working, and Lenzing  will continue to partner across the supply chain to bring this vision to life,” says Robert van de Kerkhof, Chief  Commercial Officer Fiber at Lenzing. 

Partnering for systemic change 

Complex global sustainability challenges require a collaborative approach to developing systemic solutions,  involving many stakeholder groups. In order to make the global textile and nonwovens industries more  sustainable and bring about systemic change, Lenzing has therefore also been building on partnerships within  its sustainability strategy “Naturally Positive” for many years. 

“I am very proud to welcome Lenzing to the TfS family, bringing the TfS membership to 37 companies. Together  and with our strategic partners we continue to expand our reach and increase our impact on the sustainability  performance in chemical supply chains. Given the regulatory landscape, climate challenges and market  conditions, the need for sustainable businesses only intensifies. TfS is the crucial enabler to make supply chains and businesses at large more sustainable and contribute to developing a better world”, says TfS President Bertrand Conquéret. 

The global TfS initiative follows the principles of the UN Global Compact and Responsible Care. More info can  be found at