Lenzing Group, Austria’s largest viscose producer, is increasing its sustainable offerings for the denim sector with the introduction of matte TENCELTM branded lyocell fibres. The new fibre type was created expressly to scatter light and completely eliminate shine in denim applications, making indigo-dyed denim fabrics more flexible.
Tricia Carey, Lenzing AG’s director of Global Business Development Denim and Americas, stated that as a fibre manufacturing leader, they work closely with clients and mill partners to achieve their product specifications. They heeded their partners’ demands for less gleaming denim fabrics.While fashion trends arrive and just go, denim is a wardrobe staple that will always be in style. Brands are continuously seeking for ways to create new denim lines that appeal to their customers’ sense of fashion while also being more sustainable. Lenzing is at the forefront of the battle for comprehensive sustainability by employing botanic raw materials and biodegradable cellulosic fibres.
The use of matte TENCEL Lyocell fibres increases denim design possibilities while reducing the environmental impact of the resultant fabric and garment, integrating function and beauty. Lenzing is fully responsible for its production processes, which include the use of fibre biometric identification to provide physical identity for every TENCEL branded fibre. The new matte TENCEL Lyocell fibres are entirely traceable thanks to this innovation, ensuring both consumers and brands that the raw materials used are supplied sustainably. In the long run, informed decision-making by all parties will contribute to the denim industry’s overall sustainability.