New Delhi hosted the ‘The Lenzing Conclave’, which focused on the challenges the industry was facing due to the supply and cost of cotton.

Organised by the Lenzing Group, the event represented their journey of 80+ years of fibre innovation and the path to the future of textiles and fashion.

S Jayaraman, Senior Commercial Director, Lenzing Group, was quoted saying that they aim to address the critical issue of availability and cost of cotton.

The discussions focused around meeting today’s fibre market needs and addressing cost, supply and economic insecurity issues.

Talking about the success of Tencel and Lenzing Ecovero fibres, Jayaraman added “Lenzing cotton blends are proving to be a good alternative for the industry.”

The display also featured a number of innovative developments in fabrics developed using lyocell and Tencel modal fibres, LenzingEcovero viscose fibres, designed for domestic and international markets.

In 2020, Lenzinghad launched its first supply chain solutions studio, The Lenzing Hub, in Mumbai, and in 2022, it opened its second hub in Surat, both of which effectively meet the needs of local businesses.