Hidesign announced the launch of its annual Leather Care week offering customers the opportunity to polish and renew their vegetable tanned Hidesign leather bags just before the onset of the South-West monsoon. Come May every year, Hidesign customers walk into any of Hidesign’s 100 plus stores across India to get their handbags polished, the leather moisturised and bags that require repair checked-in and sent to Hidesign’s Pondicherry atelier for careful refurbishing.

During the Leather Care Week, true to Hidesign’s core values of being natural, handcrafted & eco-friendly, the handcrafted bags receive a luxurious massage by the hands of well-trained professionals at the stores who also share multiple tips to maintain Hidesign bags for life.

Due to the present lockdown and continually evolving situation, this year the Hidesign Leather Care Week is going digital. A pioneer in the process of natural vegetable tanning for over 40 years, Hidesign will share insights on leather care all through the week on its website, on social media through a series of posts and stories, how-to videos and a live session with Hidesign’s founder Dilip Kapur on the ‘Art of Leather Care’. Leather lovers and Hidesign bags owners are encouraged to follow and ask any query on leather care through the social media handles and the Hidesign team will answer them.


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Author: moosa.nayeem