Eurojersey explains regarding the new campaign, “An image that effectively communicates the conformability and flexibility of fabrics that feel like a second skin when worn, having the capacity to adapt to every line of the body and follow each and every movement in perfect harmony. With a smooth and comfortable hand-feel, they confer a sensation of wellbeing together with the maximum comfort, while revealing all of their high-performing technical and innovative characteristics”

“Thanks to MIMESIS, Sensitive Fabrics reveal the essence of their identity, a heightening of the analogy between the actual physical characteristics of the body and how it appears, thanks to garments endowed with a unique personality. Hence the new concept takes shape and goes beyond, into a new dimension, with a play of optical graphics poised between reality and illusion, created by a traditional dogtooth check print enhanced by a three-dimensional effect,” the company continues.

“The FW 2021-22 ready-to-wear collection of Sensitive Fabrics takes on a positive significance in its imitation of an ideal form of reality. An aesthetic evolution that is optimistic and oriented towards looking beyond what immediately meets the eye.

An imaginary channel, a sum total of real and imaginary elements, an encounter in which reality captures the imagination and in return gifts us the key colour of the collection, violet, the last colour of the rainbow, the most extreme point of the solar spectrum. It completes a palette of unusual tones and half-tones deriving from a moon-like pearliness, similar to a celadon glaze, in a panorama of bluish greys and purplish nuances. Saturated and complex colour ranges, rich in compositional allusions, timeless cosmic shades which are nevertheless perfect for a unisex collection that encapsulates nature in the high-performing features of Sensitive Fabrics: comfort, flexibility, durability.

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Manali bhanushali
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Manali Bhanushali