The new alternative backcoating (ABC) method, which employs a thermoplastic glue instead of latex in the backcoating, has made Autoneum needlepunch carpets even more sustainable.
Unlike latex, thermoplastic adhesives may be heated and melted down with pure PET carpet components at the end of the product life cycle, greatly facilitating recycling.
Thermoplastic mono-material from Autoneum is simpler to open and recover, decreasing the use of natural resources as well as waste quantities and consequently CO2 emissions. Because the ABC method consumes much less energy than the creation of latex-based backcoatings and requires no water at all, the environmental effect may already be minimised in the manufacturing process. Backcoatings without latex increase carpet sustainability by improving recyclability at the conclusion of the product life cycle.
Autoneum latex-free needlepunch carpets are already installed in models from various clients in Europe and North America. Backcoatings with thermoplastic adhesives will be utilised for Autoneum’s tufted carpets in the near future. The next, even more ecological generation of tufted carpets is set to begin production in early 2022.
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