Land was recently handed over to Top Textiles Limited and Jehong Textile Company Limited to construct their factories by the Rang Dong Infrastructure Investment and Development JSC (RDI), the owner of Aurora Textile Industrial Park in Vietnam. Land leasing agreements were signed on September 4 by the Cat Tuong Group, the major shareholder in RDI.

The Cat Tuong Group is expanding its business from residential real estate to commercial, hospitality and industrial real estate to become the country’s top-tier property corporation.

Top Textiles is a strategic project jointly invested by a leading fabric manufacturer based in Hong Kong and a reputed Japanese materials developer, while Jehong Textile project is developed with the world state-of-the-art and environment-friendly dyeing technology, according to a press release from Aurora Industrial Park.

The two projects are expected to assist the redress of the existing imbalance of downstream and upstream sectors of Vietnam textile and garment industry and to contribute to the enhanced resilience and improved sustainability of the nation’s third-strongest export sector, the press release added.

The successful attraction of the two projects amid the prevalence of COVID-19 is a strong proof for the enormous potential of Vietnam textile and garment industry, the righteous development strategy of Nam Dinh Province and the strong capability and firm commitment Cat Tuong Group in its pursuit of developing the very first green – clean – sustainable textile-specialized industrial park in Vietnam.

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