To promote domestic sericulture industry and generate more employment, India’s Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) has demanded restrictions on import of silk from China. Silk worth about ₹700-800 crore is currently imported from China and can be easily substituted with domestic production, according to KVIC chairman Vinai Saxena.

KVIC has been pushing for halting silk import, but the proposal is expected to be backed by the government now in the wake of border clashes with China, according to some Indian media reports. Around 12,03,942 farming families and 56,013 reeler families are involved in sericulture-related activities across India.

“The duty on silk is currently 10 per cent but we have proposed to restrict its import. There is no need for this. Around 62 lakh people are currently associated with silk farming. If its import is restricted, more people will get jobs,” Saxena said.

Basic customs duty of 10 per cent and 20 per cent is levied respectively on raw silk and silk fabric import to stabilise domestic silk weaving segment and make Indian silk export sector more competitive.

To protect domestic silk farmers and reelers, an anti-dumping duty of $1.85 per kg is imposed on Mulberry raw silk of 3A grade and below, originating in or exported from China.