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Krishma Exports Launched ‘Confident Plus’ – A Brain Tonic

Published: January 1, 1970

Confident Plus, an Ayurvedic Brain Tonic launched by Krishma Exports (India) Ltd., formulated to boost immunity and grow confidence. The University of Calcutta – Department of Chemical Engineering has accredited the exceptional ayurvedic formulation for human consumption. Additionally, the Ayush Department of the Government of Haryana has licensed and approved Confident Plus.

Confident Plus, an Ayurvedic Brain Tonic syrup launched by Krishma Exports (India) Ltd.

The unique combination of Brahmi, Khulekhara, Shakhapushpi, Shunthi, Thankuni, Yastimadhu & Alkushi in Confident Plus provides a wide range of positive effects for people of all ages. Each ingredient has unique natural properties, and the formulation is titrated to maximise effectiveness. Most importantly, Confident Plus is purely sugar-free.

Speaking on the new launch Director, Krishma Exports (India) Ltd., Tapas Biswas said, “The precise key elements in our new product, Confident Plus, such as Brahmi, Khulekhara, Shakhapushpi, Shunthi, Thankuni, Yastimadhu, and Alkushi, act on the brain and its neurons. All of these components aid in learning, memory, and brain development. Also, clinical investigations have shown that these herbs, both separately and in combination, enhance cognitive abilities, reduce stress, reverse drug-related brain damage, lessen anxiety, and support intelligence. This plant-based formulation raises a childs or an adults baseline level of mental function to a greater degree. With our ongoing efforts, we aspired that this product would also assist students in embracing the future and overcoming today’s challenges in the competitive world.”

Confident Plus is indicated to enhance and work on neuronal correspondence and intelligence, sharpen memory, help hold and recover memory even late in life, support and stabilize the CNS to reduce dementia and help with sound sleep, and provide increased force to work.

Confident Plus is available in 100ml and 200ml pet bottles, priced at Rs. 140.00 and Rs. 240.00, respectively. Boost your immunity and grow your confidence with Confident Plus.

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