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KPR Mill Ltd Experiences Record-setting Growth Amidst Market Challenges

Published: March 18, 2024

KPR Mill Ltd, a leading textile company based in Coimbatore, has reported a surge in demand for both yarn and garments, signaling a robust performance in the textile industry. According to Managing Director P Nataraj, the company currently holds garment orders worth a staggering ₹1,100 crore, marking an all-time high in their order book. Despite facing challenges in the yarn business due to margin sluggishness, the company has maintained a strong volume of sales.

During the recent discussion on the company’s financial results, Chief Financial Officer PL Murugapppan revealed strategic expansions and partnerships that have bolstered KPR’s market presence. The company successfully onboarded Walmart for US exports and expanded its volume with GAP for both US and European markets. Additionally, the company generated a consolidated revenue of ₹4,418 crores and a net profit of ₹592 crores in the nine months ending December 31, 2023, showcasing resilience in overcoming market fluctuations.

However, KPR faced setbacks in garment shipments during December due to cyclones impacting port operations in Tamil Nadu, causing delays worth around ₹100 crores. Despite these challenges, the company remains optimistic about prospects, emphasizing the importance of modernization and expansion plans to sustain growth. With an ambitious investment of ₹250 crores in expanding garment processing capacity and an additional ₹100 crores in a solar power plant project, KPR is well-positioned to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the sector.

Looking ahead, KPR’s strong financial position, expanding capacities, and strategic partnerships underscore its commitment to driving sustainable growth in the textile industry amidst evolving market dynamics.

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