Korum Mall celebrates #Leapday in a unique way

Korum Mall, known for their high spirited and exuberant activities, conducted an innovative fun engagement to mark the additional day of this year that comes only once in four years! The Leap Year celebration #LeapWithKorum was hosted with offers across food and entertainment outlets. Quirky hopscotch units created across the mall and saw friends and families having great time playing and winning free milkshakes, free scoop of ice-cream, mocktails, fries, momos and more!

The entertainment hub of Thane, hosted the traditional hopping game “Hopscotch” across various zones within the mall, encouraging the patrons and spreading the message to “Take a Leap in life”. Families and youth were seen having a great time challenging each other to minute games and winning the free goodies from the mall. The festivities were anchored with fun vox pop video recording consumer bites of how people are spending this extra day in their life!

The Food and entertainment outlets offered freebies to customers apart from having special offers like ‘Get the 4th item free’ or ‘Buy one Get one’ that drove sales!  Speaking on the occasionMr. Deva Jyotula, Head Retail, Korum Mall said “ We atKORUM are always looking at opportunities to delight our customers. This additional day, being a leap year was an opportunity for us as a community center to bring smiles to many across age groups! It was great to see people going down the memory lanes and appreciating small things in life like the joy of winning an ice-cream scoop and building memories with loved ones”