• Demonstrates New Standard of Quality and Productivity in Groundbreaking, Single-Step Digital Textile MAX Production Systems – Live and in One Place
  • Robust Digital Textile Systems on Display, Unlocking the Potential for On-Demand, Sustainable Production
  • Showcase Presented in Collaboration with MatSet S., One of Turkey’s Leading Distributors of Digital Printing Solutions

 June 14, 2022 – Istanbul, Turkey Kornit Digital Ltd. (NASDAQ: KRNT) (“Kornit”), a worldwide market leader in sustainable, on-demand digital fashionx and textile production technologies, announced today it is breaking the barriers for fulfillers and brands to realize the full potential of sustainable, digital production. The company is set to challenge the digital textile production status quo with a first-of-its-kind experience at ITM 2022, June 14th through June 18th with an integrated showcase of its latest innovations at the MatSet A.S. Booth – Hall 5, 507A. Presented in conjunction with MatSet A.S., one of Turkey’s largest distributors of digital printing technology, these solutions represent the new possibilities for high-quality, on-demand and sustainable production.

Throughout the five-day industry event at Istanbul’s Tüyap Fair and Congress Center, the company will engage attendees with its portfolio of single-step, digital direct-to-garment (DTG) and direct-to- fabric (DTF) production solutions based on its game-changing MAX technology. These solutions allow fulfillers and brands to enjoy unmatched retail-quality applications, including 3D, vinyl, screen, dye sublimation, and embroidery effects – all in one solution. Kornit is setting the pace across industries – spanning apparel, sportswear, home décor, accessories, custom fabrics, and other diverse, high- fashion textile – with its end-to-end digitized production workflow and lean, agile and profitable just- in-time fulfillment. Kornit enables its customers to establish fast and integrated production workflows for superior quality and durability with a smaller physical footprint.

To enhance profitability and growth, fulfillers can align with Kornit to capitalize on the most advanced technology and ecosystem to create new business relationships and answer opportunities quickly. Brands can partner with this growing network of Kornit-enabled producers through Kornit’s unique Global Fulfiller Network and establish demand-driven fulfillment models closer to the end consumer – eliminating waste and supply chain vulnerability.

“As ITM finally returns to a large-scale event after several years of absence, we are excited to highlight our continued work alongside fulfillers, brands, and creators to solve their most difficult textile production challenges. Kornit’s relentless research and development, vision, diligence, and innovation will create a visionary experience for ITM attendees – opening eyes to what digital can be, how it transforms the industry, and new ways to unleash creativity with the quality, durability, accessibility, and performance our marketplace desperately needs,” said Chris Govier, President at Kornit EMEA. “With Kornit’s latest innovations of sustainable, on-demand offerings, there’s nothing keeping our network of customers, partners, designers, and brands from achieving their own vision and driving the much-needed disruption the market requires.”

The suite of Kornit’s game-changing innovations on display at the event include the Kornit Atlas MAX and Kornit Presto MAX. For full details of Kornit’s portfolio of solutions at ITM 2022, please see “Note to Editors” below.

Don’t miss Kornit’s exclusive press demo tour on June 15th at 11:00 am at the MatSet A.S Booth – Hall 5, 507A. For press to book an appointment with Kornit Digital at ITM 2022, please contact Ingrid Van Loocke at ingrid@pr4u.be.

For more information and materials on Kornit’s complete ecosystem of end-to-end digital textile production solutions, please visit our digital press kit.

Kornit Digital game-changing solutions on display at the ITM 2022, include:

  1. Kornit Atlas MAX, the gold standard in quality for industrial-scale mass customization. This direct-to-garment system drives high quality and consistent results. Kornit Atlas MAX is a robust industrial solution allowing customers to create new efficiencies and reduce operating costs – combined with never-before-seen XDi technology emulating screen transfer, heat transfer vinyl, 3D, and threadless embroidery effects in one cost-effective, automated production system. Kornit Atlas MAX powers the widest range of applications requiring less resources and floor space, time, materials, and capital expense of any technology currently available, offering optimal total cost of ownership and the highest output per operator to accelerate profitability.
  2.  Kornit Presto MAX is the most capable, sustainable, single-step digital solution for high-quality, direct-to-fabric decoration, and the only digital print system offering white printing on colored fabrics. Displayed alongside the Kornit Presto MAX curing and drying unit, the solution transforms concepts into brilliant custom fabrics for fashion, home décor, and other textile application, while delivering the highest quality and softest feel with brilliant whites and brighter neon colors. The system incorporates the revolutionary XDi technology 3D decorative applications to produce threadless embroidery, high- density, vinyl, screen transfer, and other innovative effects. Reinventing design and application capabilities for custom textiles on demand, this is the cornerstone system of Kornit’s smart, efficient, sustainable Eco Factory production It allows producers to cover and integrate more parts of the process, from design to finished product, to decrease carbon footprints, efficiently leverage manpower, and generate less waste while producing the highest quality.
  3. KornitX Workflow Solutions seamlessly integrate across all Kornit MAX technology-based systems to supply end-to-end production efficiency, visibility, and These solutions help brands, licensors, and fulfillers shift towards on-demand fashion by providing stakeholders with connectivity tools to generate more revenue, adopt innovative business models and digitally transform supply chains. The fully modular, end-to-end suite of workflow automation capabilities gives creators and producers the pixel-to-parcel digital tools necessary for an integrated, fast, and frictionless experience. Take a closer look in our latest video on KornitX.