Kordsa (Istanbu, Turkey) staged a digital launch for new Kratos structural reinforcements products on May 31, including Kratos C-fabric unidirectional (UD) carbon fibre fabric and Kratos C-plate pultruded carbon fibre strips.
Kratos C-fabric with Kratos Prime resin is designed for use on reinforced concrete columns, shear walls, and beams. In 2020, the business added Krato Bounce Minimizer, a shotcrete additive that decreases rebound in tunnelling and mining applications, to its Kratosec product line. Kordsa’s new solutions are intended to upgrade reinforced concrete structures for seismic protection.
According to Kordsa, its Kratos products are the first Turkish goods in the fibre reinforcing industry. According to the firm, strengthening structures using its products saves time and money as compared to destroying and rebuilding. Company and industry executives discussed structural reinforcement technologies during the company’s May 31 digital launch conference.
Image source: compositesworld.com