The bathing suit-looking top was cream, knitted, and lightly streaked with candy hues of red and orange. It was by the LA-based Knorts, a label that describes itself as “denim knitwear.” Eleanore Guthrie, the designer behind it, is known for her sculptural jean creations that are anything but ordinary. Think, denim sweaters featuring nubby 3-D layers reminiscent of wavy sedimentary rock formations. Guthrie herself describes the soft sensation of Knorts as “like you rolled out of bed or walked out of yoga class,” she says, adding “But that you put the effort in your outfit.”

Guthrie also cites her time biking around her campus at Westminster College in Utah when she would wear “stiff jeans” in the winter but “knit shorts” in the summer as influential. “I thought if there was a way to create something that would be stylish and comfortable, just like my knit shorts, but something I can also wear in the winter,” she says. “That is where I thought maybe I could merge the two concepts together and I just went from there.”

Currently, Guthrie is working on developing her “wearable canvas,” pieces—as worn by Jenner—an idea that she came up with under lockdown at home in California. “I was sitting in my place in quarantine, I had the urge to color and decorate them [denim] with the materials that I had on hand.