Knitwear garments stakeholders have asked the government to enable them to be represented at textile export meetings. In a statement issued on Tuesday, Pakistan Hosiery Manufacturers and Exporters Association (PHMA) Chief Coordinator Muhammad Jawed Bilwani stated that Pakistan’s knitted garment exports increased by 36.57 percent Fiscal Year 20-21.
According to Bilwani, the textile sector’s proportion of total exports was 60.86 percent in the previous fiscal year. He predicted that the percentage of knitted garments in overall exports will increase to 20% in fiscal year 2021-22. According to him, the export value of hosiery goods increased from $2.8 billion in FY20 to $3.8 million in FY21.
According to Bilwani, a hosiery exporter from Bangladesh, the export of knitted bedsheets and fabric would increase to $4.5 billion if knitwear were included in the overall foreign exchange gained by the knitting business. He urged Prime Minister Imran Khan to prioritise knitwear, which had the potential to significantly increase exports.
According to Pakistan’s Minister of State for Industries and Production Abdul Rauf Nawaz, Pakistan’s share of worldwide knitwear exports was a pitiful 1.83 percent last year. He stated that Pakistan has the resources to increase hosiery exports in a short period of time. He noted, however, that the government had neglected to undertake talks with knitwear industry players on increasing exports.