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Knitwear from Belarus: Bonadi and Oval

Published: September 1, 2020
Author: Rishika Keyal


Oval and Bonadi are two successful Belarusian knitwear producers who are taking part in the CBI (Centre for the Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries)’s EU4Business project, in collaboration with the ITC (International Trade Centre). They should have been participating in Première Vision in Paris in September, but this exhibition was sadly cancelled because of the tightened travel restrictions. Despite these challenging times, the coronavirus measures and the political situation in Belarus, Bonadi and Oval are completely ready to introduce their products to the EU market. We are happy to present these two private label knitwear producers from Belarus in this article.


Last year, Bonadi and Oval worked on getting their businesses and products ready for the EU market, with advice and support provided by the CBI’s sector experts. A visit to Première Vision in January 2020 confirmed this was the exhibition where these companies could present themselves to the right audience. Both companies were selected by the organisation with praise for the quality of their applications. As the physical exhibition is now not going ahead, the companies will be presenting themselves to their potential clients online.


Bonadi, founded in 2007, produces knitwear for men, women and children. Immediately following its foundation, the company started operating in the local and Russian markets. Bonadi is now aiming to start working as a private label producer for European brands too! Bonadi can produce a wide range of patterns and designs with its high-quality certified materials and modern machines. Waistcoats, sweaters, dresses, jackets, accessories – Bonadi is capable of converting the client’s requirements into high-quality products. The in-house design of the patterns, with various levels of complexity, is one of the company’s strong points. It has already been working with recycled cotton and environmentally-friendly production methods for a number of years. The factory’s location right on the EU border, the personal client-orientated approach, the low minimum order numbers and the rapid sample lead time have made Bonadi an attractive production location with short delivery times to European clients.


Oval, a family business, was founded in 1995 and has specialised in knitwear for ten years. Knitwear for men, women and children makes up 90% of its production. The company also produces scarves and hats and specialises in seamless products and intarsia knitwear. Oval supplies high-quality products with its natural materials and timeless designs. The company puts great emphasis on sustainability and has a zero waste production process. The company also attaches a great deal of importance to being a good employer to its staff.
Oval works as a private label producer for larger retailers and small boutiques in the mid to luxury segment. In addition, the company has its own brand (Gerry Ross). Due to its proximity to the EU, the company is of interest as a supplier to European labels. All clients receive an optimal service from Oval, with options for small minimum orders, rapid sample development and support with the selection of materials and patterns.

Both companies buy their yarns in Europe. The entire production process takes place in-house; knitting, linking, finishing and possibly also washing. For more information, please contact the CBI sector expert Carinke Dijkstra (

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