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Kingpins and ZDHC to host seminar on chemical management

Published: September 5, 2020
Author: Ramgsutra

In collaboration with the ZDHC Foundation, Kingpins show will offer its Mandarin-speaking exhibitors access to a webinar focusing on chemical management and ZDHC guidelines, platforms and solutions. Over the last year, Kingpins show has established itself as a proactive force for change within the denim industry via a series of initiatives and standards.

The ZDHC x Kingpins webinars are open exclusively to denim mills exhibiting at Kingpins shows. The sessions, to be done by the ZDHC academy, will cover the guidelines and solutions corresponding to chemical and wastewater management, with the option of direct questions to a ZDHC panel. The webinar will be held on May 12, hosted by Lydia Lin (East Asia director, ZDHC) and Phil Chung (implementation manager, Implementation Hub), according to a press release by Kingpins.

In 2019, Kingpins show organizers began to require exhibitors of its Kingpins Amsterdam show to meet mandatory standards in corporate social responsibility and chemical management and handling. In addition,seminars at all Kingpins shows globally have been focused on making a better denim for the future, the UN’s sustainable development goals, the social and environmental impact of the denim industry and the future of the denim supply chain. Kingpins organisers have introduced the ‘Most Sustainable Products’ initiative on the Amsterdam show floor, which features a selection of articles representing environmentally positive innovation so that brands and retailers have access to unbiased and accurate information regarding sustainable offerings. Finally, in 2019, Transformers Foundation (formerly Kingpins Transformers), the summit series focusing on innovation in the denim industry, launched Transformers: ED, an educational conference for fashion students who are still at university and are about to enter the wider fashion industry.

“Kingpins is dedicated to doing its part to educate, inspire and equip the denim industry – from mills and manufacturers to brands and retailers – to enact real and meaningful change. These ZDHC x Kingpins webinars are another tool we are using to engage with the industry and promote best practices and help our industry do better,” Andrew Olah, founder of Kingpins show and Transformers Foundation said.


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