Coimbatore-based denim fabric manufacturing company KG Denim recently introduced a rechargeable chlorinated- finish smart technology fabric called ‘BioRefresh’. Developed in house, the technology enables the fabric to repeatedly absorb chlorine from commonly available detergents to disinfect the fabric and remains effective up to 80 washes.

The products anti-microbial and anti-viral power is renewed with every bleach wash, during normal laundry processes, according to Indian media reports.

The chlorine on the surface of the fabric has been found not harmful. Tests have shown that the effect on the fabric lasts up to two weeks.

Textiles are a good media for the growth of bacteria, fungi and viruses under humidity and warmth and surface contamination is a major cause for transmission of infectious diseases.

BioRefresh products can be used in hospitals, schools, canteen and the food packaging industry. The company is in the process of patenting both the technology and the trademark.

An environmentally-sustainable neem-based product is also in the offing for mask production.

Author: Rajkap