KG Denim Limited, a leading denim, apparel fabrics and bed linen manufacturer from Coimbatore, has found a novel way to fight COVID-19. Known for many innovations in denim fabrics, the company has come up with a pioneering new range of innovative solutions for the betterment of health care fraternity with the introduction of Circumference Fabrics.

Manufacture of Circumference Fabrics involves a series of special treatments which inhibits the growth of microbes including MRSA type bacteria. Fabrics under this range are tested under strict FDA guidelines, conforming to four different levels of requirements as per various AATCC and Indian standards.

All Circumference Fabrics from KG Denim conform to American CDC Guidelines. These fabrics are the first washable / reusable fabrics to be manufactured in India. These fabrics are aimed at different levels of safety for the healthcare industry. The chemicals used in these products have been US EPA certified, EU REACH certified and Oeko-Tex registered.

“Through scaling up manufacturing, production and distribution, KG Denim is committed to offer support to the health care workers who need it most,” the company said in a statement.

Use of Circumference Fabrics also helps in significant reduction in environmental footprint compared to the nonwoven disposable material available in the market. “Environmental safety and society welfare are always our priority and these products would make immense contribution to this endeavour. I am glad that we could come up with them during these unprecedented times,” says KG Baalakrishnan, executive chairman of the Group.

“The whole process is unique by its nature and under Trade Mark registration” adds Selvakumar, vice-president, KG Denim Ltd.