Kannur is famous for textiles from centuries.

This town is known as the city of looms.
Kannur home textiles are of superior quality in texture as well as in shades. It is produced In Malabar frame loom a sturdy wooden loom introduced by Mr. Hess, a weaver deputed to Malabar by the Basel mission of Germany about 160 years back. Kannur. The second major cluster in the state of Kerala has started its operations in its northern city of Kannur. which is a traditional hub for handlooms and has provided employment to a large number of weavers. Handloom products from this centre have huge market potential. The weavers of this area belongs to mainly Saliyas Ezhavas and lalits.

Details – 

Number of handlooms – 6,000

Number of weaver – 8,000

Handloom products – sarees, dhotis, shirting’s, home furnishings.

Cluster Accessibility – 

Kannur is well connected with Roadways Railways Roadways – Km Away from Bus Stop

Railways – 49 km away from Kannur railway Station.

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