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Keeping on an even creel with the Eltex EyETM

Published: June 3, 2019

Eltex of Sweden will introduce a yarn tension monitoring system for woven fabrics with a big difference at ITMA 2019 from June 20-26th in Barcelona, Spain.

Unlike yarn tension monitors that are fitted solely on the weft insertion systems of the weaving machines in a modern mill, Eltex is introducing the EyETM system for the warping process prior to weaving – and instead of monitoring only the tension of the six-to-eight yarns fed by the weft insertion system they are keeping a close eye on literally hundreds.

“Several hundred yarns can be fed from the creels during the warping process compared to only a few weft insertion yarns during weaving,” explains Brian Hicks, managing director of Eltex. “In 2015 we decided to broaden our portfolio and move into multiple end application in the warp preparation in response to customer demand. It’s obviously a much different process, but we completed development in Spring 2018 and in less than a year have had better than expected demand from a diverse sub-set of markets, with a first full installation already operational at a premier UK fashion customer.”

 With warping that can operate at speeds of 500 metres a minute, the yarn tension values from all yarns are continuously updated and displayed on a screen. Tension values outside the warning level are indicated both on the sensor’s LEDs and on the screen. It is possible to expand a sector of the display to have a detailed view including the position ID and the cN value for the yarns in this sector.

“Tension monitoring for multiple ends has been a great challenge to achieve but we’re confident the system will generate a lot of interest at ITMA 2019,” Mr Hicks says. “Perhaps the biggest challenge of all has been getting such a comprehensive system – with a sensor for each individual yarn – down to an acceptable price for the industry, but I’m happy to say, we’re there now. The EyETM will allow mills to greatly reduce problems, not only when warping, but also in the subsequent weaving or tufting processes.

With its research and development work primarily carried out at its headquarters in Osby, Sweden, and North American sales and service operated from its subsidiary in South Carolina, the manufacturing plant of Eltex has been located at Templemore in Ireland since 1976, providing significant advantages in terms of high flexibility and logistical services to customers on both sides of the Atlantic.

Eltex is a member of TMAS – the textile machinery association of Sweden which will have a significant presence at ITMA 2019 in Barcelona.

“The latest technologies being developed by Eltex perfectly illustrate how Sweden’s long tradition and history of textile production are being combined with a good climate for innovation,” says TMAS Secretary General Therese Premler-Andersson. “There will be many more innovations on show from our members at ITMA 2019.”

Eltex will be at stand B102, in Hall 4 at the Barcelona exhibitio


Picture captions:

Eltex 5

The EyETM system for the warping process prior to weaving.

Eltex 6

The EyETM installed on a creel.


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