The boulevards of one of the biggest material markets in the locale wear an abandoned look. Despite the fact that the lockdown limitations have been facilitated, as it were, business in the 70-year-old Kavali material market in the Nellore locale is yet to get a move on. Set up in 1955, the market, which has a yearly turnover of ‘750 crores, utilizes more than 7,000 laborers, a large number of whom tailor a wide assortment of garments. The market is home to 450 discount and retail merchants who buy material in mass from Mumbai, Surat, Ahmedabad, Jetpur, Kasi, Kolkata, Erode, Coimbatore, and Tirupur. Traders from Nellore and its encompassing regions as well as from both the Telugu States crowd the Kavali material market because of the offer of an assortment of textures at sensible costs. “Considerably after transportation continued, we didn’t get any requests. Typically, we get arranges in mass from Prakasam and Chittoor locale. During Ramzan, we effectively do a business of ’20-’30 lakh. In any case, this was not the case this year,” said K Venkateswarlu, a dealer. A portion of the dealers states that instalments have additionally been deferred for the stocks conveyed before the lockdown. “Brokers from both Telugu States have not begun visiting the fabric showcase, much after the simplicity of lockdown limitations. A portion of the brokers states that they are not getting any requests from the retailers in their district. We had lost around 15-20 percent of the yearly pay during the lockdown time frame,” said another vendor from the fabric advertise. In the interim, AP Textile Association locale pioneers spoke to the legislature to report an uncommon bundle for the material business to conquer the misfortune. Most of the laborers depend on the business lost their job throughout the previous two months, they said.