(a) To establish the textile and garment industry of Karnataka, as a producer of
internationally competitive value added products thereby maintaining dominant presence in the growing domestic and international market and contributing to the sustainable employment and economic growth of the State.

(b) To reinforce the value chain of the textile industry across the State through
capital infusion, technology transfer, skill up-gradation and handholding.


(a) To achieve higher and sustainable growth in the entire textile value chain from fibre to finished products, with emphasis on balanced regional development.

(b) To facilitate emerging Technical Textiles in critical areas such as production, technology and research & development. The Policy will encourage integrated
development in the sector aiming to sustainability of the textile units in the State.

(c) To support the industry with skilled human resource and to create at least 5
lakhs new employment opportunities in the State under the Policy period. The
Policy will support skill development activities for skilling unemployed youth and up-gradation of skills for the people employed in the textile sector.

Focus Areas for Intervention:

(a) Strengthening of Textile Value Chain Activities

(b) Technical Textiles

(c) Geographical Dispersion of Textile & Garment units

(d) Human Resource Development

(e) Infrastructure Development

(f) Capacity Building

(g) Human / Social Indicator Improvements

(h) Technology Up-gradation of entire Textile Value Chain