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Kariban Company announced to incorporate Centric’s PLM solutions

Published: July 1, 2020
Author: munimji

Kariban, leading promotional, technical, and corporate garments company has announced to incorporate Centric’s software Product Life Management (PLM) solution. Innovative enterprise solutions to retail, footwear, luxury, customer good, home décor, and fashion are offered by centric software with an aim to achieve strategic and operational digital transformation goals.

Kariban executives conducted a large market study and tested three PLM solutions. According to Nizam Deepooa, technical and quality director at Toptex / Kariban, Centric Lifestyle PLM was selected for its capabilities and references in the distribution and fast fashion sector.

“Centric PLM will encourage exchanges between employees and suppliers around design, product development, supply, and production, in particular thanks to Centric’s mobile applications, which are very useful on our many trips. Finally, the system strengthens our employer brand with the most competent employees, by offering them an intuitive and innovative working interface in which they can easily find their brands and work comfortably,” Laurent Marceau, managing director at Toptex / Kariban said.

In an extremely competitive promotional market, streamlining, and modernizing the product design and development process became imperative. Kariban’s development phase was particularly time-consuming and slowed down by erratic sample management. Between demand and production, it could take four to six months. Kariban’s distribution activity involved handling a large volume of inventory and referrals, which was extremely complex and slow with the Product Data Management (PDM) tool they had in place. The PDM system was disconnected from other information systems, requiring re-entry of the same data set in different tools with the risk of making cascading errors. The brand set out to find a PLM solution that would allow it to synchronize all stages of the product and collection lifecycle, according to a press release by Centric.

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