The medical textile laboratory of the Fragrance and Flavour Development Centre (FFDC) in Kanpur recently claimed to have developed a fabric with fragrance and can survive after multiple washes. FFDC assistant director Shakti Vijay Shukla said trials are under way to see how many washes the fragrances like rose, khus, chameli and sandalwood can survive.

The aromatic clothes will be more comfortable than those designed using normal fabric, the scientists told a news agency.

The aromatic fabric is being manufactured using two technologies. In one method, the thread is soaked in the fragrance before weaving and in the second, a nano-capsule is used to imbue the cloth with aroma. A hosiery in Kanpur has successfully experimented with the technology.

The official said that a draft of the project is being sent to the central government for further development. The cost of the aromatic fabric would be 20 per cent more than normal ones.