The fantasy to instruct and assist everybody with getting talented to help themselves monetarily is certifiably not a simple one to accomplish. However, a few remote spots in Bengal are creating with assistance from all quarters and finding a way child ways to understand these far off dreams. On World Art Day 2022, Khwaabgaon, an unspoiled and curious town concealed in the insides of Jungle Mahal, was clamoring with action because of an ability building material printing studio. Four last year BFA understudies from the Government College of Art and Craft, Kolkata, had been welcomed as coaches to show inhabitants of Khwaabgaon the specialty of square printing. The goal was to assist them with mastering another expertise, express their imagination through it and furthermore utilize it to produce some pay.

The three-day studio was managed by globally eminent originator PareshChatterjee. He prompted the tutors through the splash-coloring and square printing process and furthermore educated them to utilize onion skins as a characteristic color which became white mulmul material to a distinctive, hearty green. “The town youngsters ended up being the most energetic members. Other than utilizing the material that was accessible, some even removed their shirts to paint them on the spot,” shared MrinalMandal, guardian and facilitator of Chalchitra Academy’s Khwaabgaon project.