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Jeanologia leads the Chinese textile industry into the era of air at ITMA Asia 2023 to promote its efficiency and sustainability

Published: November 21, 2023
  • The integration and connectivity of its technologies accelerates the transformation of the industry, enabling an authentic and sustainable product, with the best cost per garment.
  • Showing its revolutionary washed by the atmosphere; a new milestone for the company by achieving natural aging of garments with maximum water reduction, without chemicals or pumice stones.
  • Its new advances in laser technology positions the company with the fastest and most efficient laser on the market, simplifying processes, with hyper-realistic designs and perfect reproducibility.

Valencia (11-21-2023). Jeanologia, a leading Spanish company in eco-efficient technologies, shows some of its most disruptive technological advances at ITMA Asia 2023, from November 19 to 23 at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center.

At stand H6A11 at this prestigious textile fair, Jeanologia exhibits revolutionary technologies that, through their integration and connectivity, will contribute to the transformation of the Chinese textile industry, propelling it into the era of air to promote its efficiency and sustainability.

These innovations make it possible to create garments with an authentic vintage look, without water consumption, minimizing waste and with zero discharges, through digitalization and hyper-automation.

According to Jean-Pierre Inchauspe, Business Director at Jeanologia Asia, the company has been supporting the Chinese textile industry for more than 18 years, accompanying it on its path towards digitalization and sustainability, while reducing costs.

Inchauspe highlights the launch in 2020 of the innovative Jeanologia Hub in Hong Kong, which has allowed it to work side by side with the Chinese textile industry in new processes that have contributed to increasing the competitiveness of this sector.

“Now, we take another step to complete the conversion that we began with the Chinese textile industry years ago, marking a new era led by the air, much more eco-efficient, productive and competitive,” announces Inchauspe.

During ITMA Asia 2023 Jeanologia is giving impetus to a new stage for the Chinese textile industry, strengthening its position as a world leader by incorporating Jeanologia’s innovative disruptive technologies. “A new era for a circular industry, without water, waste and zero discharge, more eco-efficient, digital and automated, which enables an authentic product in an environmentally friendly way, aligning profit, people and planet,” emphasizes the person in charge of sales at Jeanologia for the Asian region.

The laser revolution and atmospheric washing

At ITMA Asia 2023 Jeanologia shows how its atmospheric washing process works with its own G2 ozone technology with the patented INDRA system. A great advance with which the Spanish firm has marked a new milestone in the textile industry, by achieving the natural aging of garments with maximum water reduction and without the use of chemicals or pumice stones.

They also introduce their latest innovation in laser technology: Flash system, a new combination of hardware and software with intelligent algorithm that controls laser energy dynamically, exponentially increasing the speed of garment marking. This technology once again positions Jeanologia with the fastest and most efficient laser on the market, allowing processes to be simplified, hyper-realistic designs to be made and offering perfect reproducibility and scalability.

Colorbox, the eco-efficient alternative for garment dyeing

Jeanologia presents as well its Colorbox technology for garment dyeing, with which the Spanish company transforms the traditional way garments are dyed, into an environmentally friendly, effective and faster process.

Colorbox considerably reduces the use of water, chemicals, salts and energy, compared to traditional garment dyeing methods. In addition, it allows a low-impact EIM Score, with an average saving of 60% of water and chemicals, 45% of energy and 76% of salt in the dyeing of textile garments.

More than 15 years working alongside the Chinese textile industry 

Jeanologia has collaborated closely with the Chinese textile industry for more than 15 years, establishing itself as the reference technological partner for the main brands in the sector in the Asian country.

It currently has more than 100 clients in the country, with more than 300 pieces of equipment installed and 10% of jeans production in China being carried out with the company’s technologies.

Jeanologia has local teams, made up of laser designers and experts in product reengineering, who provide effective support to the Chinese industry to position it as a benchmark in sustainability and efficiency.

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