The “Washed by the Atmosphere” ecosystem developed by Jeanologia aims to provide genuine vintage aesthetics while minimizing environmental harm. This is achieved by eliminating conventional polluting methods, such as using potassium permanganate, pumice, and other harmful substances, and reducing effluent discharges from the textile finishing industry.

One fundamental aspect of the approach involves implementing an environmentally friendly washing solution based on G2 ozone technology. According to the textile technology business, this solution can decrease water usage by 96%, eradicate the generation of harmful by-products, and reduce energy consumption by as much as 25%.

The INDRA system, which utilizes the patented G2 ozone technology, enables production facilities to achieve a natural wear tone more efficiently, sustainably, and cost-effectively by reducing water and chemical usage.

The Atmos process uses ozone instead of water and chemicals under standard atmospheric conditions. This method allows for the dry-finishing of jeans, creating denim clothing with a genuine vintage look distinguished by a noticeable difference between light and dark sections. This is accomplished without the need for pumice stones or potassium permanganate.

The Atmos finishing method is not limited to denim and may also be used for color treatments, including sweatshirts and T-shirts.

Carmen Silla, the marketing director at Jeanologia, emphasized the significance of the company’s atmospheric washing process. She stated they are ushering in a new era for the textile industry, where air takes center stage, replacing conventional water use. This innovative approach allows for the creation of authentic vintage aesthetics while ensuring zero pollution.

Jeanologia’s primary idea is to transfer the focus from water to air, as the company firmly thinks that air digitalization and automation are essential for achieving a truly sustainable and efficient textile industry.

Jeanologia will demonstrate its advanced technologies and processes at Kingpins Amsterdam on 18-19 October. The company aims to deliver genuine products using an efficient, competitive, and environmentally friendly operational approach. This is primarily achieved through the implementation of automation and digitization.