Committed to the denim artist who is inspired by tradition and uses modern tools to create handcrafted garments, elevating craftsmanship to a new level with the integration of their technologies.

 Accompaning the artisan designers of the future with technologies and sustainable production models that achieve exclusive, authentic looks with great attention to detail and shorter time-to-market.
 In the "Simplify Excellence" seminar, the company will explain why creativity, sustainability, digital transformation and technology are the keys to the new textile era.

Tokyo (27-10-2022). Jeanologia, the leading Spanish company in the development of eco-efficient technologies, is promoting a new generation of technological artisans in the textile industry at Denimandjeans Japan 2022, connecting the unique Japanese denim culture in the world of authentic and exclusive vintage denim with a more efficient and sustainable production. (Booth 18).

For Jeanologia, Japan is a cradle of craftsmanship and tradition that has managed to position itself as a world power in denim production. Akihiko Kashino, Area Manager at Jeanologia in Japan, highlighted that "Japanese denim artisans have been able to confer great quality, durability and attention to
detail to jeans".

He expressed the need to promote a new vision of craftsmanship in the denim industry, which combines the past and the future to create handcrafted products using modern techniques and in a simpler, more efficient and sustainable way.

“At Jeanologia we want to foster a new generation of technological artisans, of Japanese denim artists who are inspired by tradition, maintaining the spirit and soul of the artisans, but who, at the same time, use modern tools to create handcrafted garments under new parameters of efficiency and sustainability” – pointed out Kashino.

In his opinion, the future of fashion and design is the alignment of beauty and the planet. That is why, at the event, which takes place from November 1 to 2 in Sunshine City (Tokyo), Jeanologia will accompany artisan designers of the future with sustainable production models and technologies. "With the
integration of our technologies we enable the production of exclusive, authentic looks with premium finishes, raising craftsmanship to a new level" – he emphasized. He further stressed that "the combination of the most advanced technologies together with traditional appearance and techniques give denim a modern and unique vision".

In line with this, Jeanologia's “MissionZero” is framed to completely eliminate the use of water and discharge from the global production of jeans, without sacrificing their exclusive and authentically vintage look.

Sustainable technologies for new premium craftmanship The Area Manager at Jeanologia Japan highlighted how the company puts technology at the service of creative artisans to digitally and individually produce exclusive and personalized garments geared to suit the consumer, reducing operating costs while improving polluting, harmful and inefficient processes. The company thus promotes the creative freedom of artisans, helping them combine their art with care for small details to achieve authentic and unique products through simpler, more efficient and sustainable production.
In consonance with this, he specified new laser technology used to achieve a perfect replica of vintage looks and introduce new ways for creativity and customization. A technology that also eliminates processes that are harmful to workers, reduces costs and improves environmental impact.

Likewise, he has also highlighted their e-Flow technology as another great ally of the textile industry since it uses air nanobubbles instead of water for the application of chemicals, or the use of ozone for the treatment of garments. The G2 technology uses air from the atmosphere and transforms it into ozone to
give the garment a natural aged look through a zero-discharge process.

Among other Jeanologia technologies, e-Designer also stands out, with its cutting-edge software that allows the virtual production of a garment with infinite creative possibilities in a matter of minutes, simplifying the design process and reducing samples by 80%.

“Simplify Excellence” Seminar
On November, 2 nd at 03:00 pm, the Area Manager of Jeanologia in Japan will give the "Simplify Excellence" seminar where he will explain why creativity, sustainability, digital transformation and technology are the keys to the new textile era. At this seminar, Akihiko Kashino will reveal full details of
Jeanologia new production model that takes denim finishing into the sustainable and digital age.
Over 25 years working for the world Since 1994, it’s been Jeanologia's primary mission to create an ethical, sustainable and eco-efficient textile industry, ushering in a new era through sustainability, digital transformation and automation.

The company leads industry transformation with its disruptive technologies: laser, G2 ozone, e-Flow, SmartBoxes, Colorbox and H2 Zero, all of which are capable of increasing productivity and reducing costs, water and energy consumption, as well as eliminating harmful emissions and discharges
while guaranteeing zero contamination.

With a team made up of 220 jeanologists of 26 different nationalities, Jeanologia has 10 subsidiaries and exports its products and services to 72 countries on five continents. More than 35% of the 5 billion pairs of jeans produced each year worldwide are made with its technologies, and it has become a trusted partner of the market’s main brands.