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Jakob Müller AG at ITMA ASIA + CITME 2018

Published: May 25, 2019

Hall 3, Stand No. F09

Jakob Müller AG – systems and solutions for narrow fabrics

Founded in Switzerland in 1887, Jakob Müller AG is the world’s leading company with regard to technology for the manufacture of woven and knitted tapes and webbing, woven ropes, woven labels and technical textiles, printed narrow fabrics, dyeing, make-up and winding machinery. The Müller supply programme covers all the needs of the ribbons and narrow fabrics industry from individual yarn processing up to the finished, made-up product.

October 19, 2018 – Shanghai, China

Interim injunctions against design patent infringements at ITMA ASIA, Shanghai successfully enforced
by Bernhard Engesser
ITMA ASIA +CITME 2018 is China’s most important textile event. This mega high-quality event is strongly supported by all nine CEMATEX European textile machinery associations, CTMA (China Textile Machinery Association) and JTMA (Japan Textile Machinery Associa-tion). The sixth edition of the combined show has been held from 15 to 19 October 2018 at the new National Exhibition and Convention Centre (NECC) in Shanghai.
In order to protect the lawful interest of intellectual property rights owners during the exhibition, the sponsors of ITMA ASIA + CITME 2018 installed an on-site intellectual property rights office (“IPR Office”), which consisted of the sponsors, external IPR administrative authority and IPR practitioners.

The subsidiary corporation COMEZ International s.r.l. of Switzerland based Jakob Müller AG, has at the on-site IPR Office successfully applied for interim injunctions to stop design patent infringements against Chinese manufacturers DKY Machinery Co., Ltd, Huibang Machine (Yingkou) Co., Ltd and Dah Heer Industrial Co., Ltd.

On the first day of the fair, Jakob Müller found that the machines of the three companies showed clear violation of COMEZ’s intellectual property without Jakob Müller’s or COMEZ’s permission. The patentee at once filed a complaint to the IPR Office against these companies, to prohibit the exhibition of the infringing systems.
The IPR Office served the complaint materials to three companies in the morning of second day and set a time limit of 24 hours for a counterstatement to the three infringers. One of them, Dah Heer, removed the infringing system actively, and the others, DKY and Huibang, submitted a counterstatement. After the IPR Office assessed these statements and evaluated the possibility of the infringements, the IPR Office required them to remove the systems con-cerned in the patent on 17th October 2018. The systems concerned were removed by DKY and Huibang and not exhibited any more until the end of the fair.

Bernhard Engesser thanks the responsible patent lawyers of the intellectual property rights office and emphasizes that Jakob Müller AG will take a high priority against further patent infringements. Jakob Müller AG and its relevant companies reserve the right to take further civil actions against the respective companies.

The one-stop-shopping delivery programme, which covers the entire process chain – everything from a single source

  • CAD
  • Warping
  • Narrow fabric weaving
  • Rope weaving
  • Warp crochet knitting
  • Label production
  • Textile printing
  • Dyeing, finishing, coating
  • Winding and make-up systems
  • Technical textile make-up
  • Training
Typical products manufactured on Müller machines
  • Ribbons, tapes, safety belts
  • Zip fastener tapes
  • Hook and loop fastening tapes
  • Velvet ribbons
  • Labels with woven selvedges
  • Labels with cut selvedges (ultrasonic or thermal)
  • Knitted goods, lace articles
  • Printed narrow fabrics such as lanyards, zips, vertical blinds, elastic underwear etc.
  • Ropes
  • Nets
  • Trimmings, fringes, passementerie
  • Medical and technical textiles
  • Knitted fabrics for outerwear and technical uses
  • Knitted spacer and tubular fabrics

Jakob Müller AG Frick

Bernhard Engesser

5070 Frick, Switzerland

Tel   +41 62 8655 300

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