The Executive Committee of the International Union of Leather Technologists and Chemists Societies (ULTCS) announced the 2021 grants will be awarded to three young scientists, under the age of 35, for research projects in the categories of ‘Leather Research’, ‘Machinery/Equipment’ and ‘Sustainability’.

2021 will be the seventh year of the Young Leather Scientist Grant (YLSG). IULTCS is to provide the monetary sponsorship for a single sum of €1,500 grant to Basic Research, while Italian machinery maker Erretre will sponsor the €1,000 grant for Machinery/Equipment category, and the Leather Naturally initiative will provide the €1,000 sponsorship for the Professor Mike Redwood grant on Sustainability/Environmental research projects.

In the areas of development of machines for leather processing, automation, chemical/physical analysis and environmental equipment the grant is offered by Erretre aimed at encouraging young leather students and scientists to run a leather research project. “Our company supports leather education and we strongly believe our sector needs young motivated people to implement innovation and meet the challenges the industry will be facing over the coming years”, said Adriano Peruzzi from Erretre.

“With Leather Naturally’s focus on providing education to designers, brands and consumers, it was a logical step to sponsor this award and honour our founder Professor Mike Redwood”, said Egbert Dikkers, Chairperson, Leather Naturally (LN), citing a quote by Redwood: “I wrote my first sustainability report in 1993 and those companies who have embraced the subject positively since then have all benefited from the solid science-based foundation it establishes when fighting competitive materials on environmental grounds. To pursue sustainability as an ongoing objective stimulates the leather industry to be dynamic and innovative. I am immensely honoured to be named in this grant and hope that it will allow candidates to feel free to challenge the industry with creative and unexpected ideas”.


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Author: moosa.nayeem