Asteks, the advanced grinding solutions specialist, is preparing to meet with the global textile industry at ITM 2022 to be held at TÜYAP exhibition centre on June, 14-18 after a four-year interval. Asteks will present its latest spinning and automation solutions to visitors at its booth 302B in Hall 3. In addition to the core business segment of aprons and cots range, the 401-SF&M cots grinding machine and the unmanned transport vehicle 101-AGV will come into prominence among these solutions.

Asteks aprons and cots, produced from high-quality materials and through a sensitive production process, have features that meet the needs of yarn manufacturers. Many innovations in these products that contribute positively to the operating costs and yarn quality with their high durability, will be welcoming the ITM visitors.

In addition, the competitive and recently introduced 401-SF&M cots grinding machine, with high capacity and fully automatic operation, will attract the attention of textile professionals. This grinding machine has two independent grinding units and is equipped with automations and flexibilities that reduce operating costs. Cots for spinning frames and roving frames can be ground in one of these units, while the cots for draw frame and comber can be ground in the other.

The 101-AGV (automatically guided vehicle) to be exhibited at the Asteks booth, with its 2-4 tons of load pulling power, short charging and long operating time, makes the load transportation work unmanned and automatic in large facilities. This solution, developed entirely by Turkish engineers as part of the Industry 4.0 concept, responds to the programming, planning and regulation needs of businesses for their logistics needs.

Advanced Asteks solutions for working with natural and synthetic fibres

Asteks Marketing and Sales Manager Sabri İlknur said that they have always focused on offering innovative products to the textile industry. İlknur drew attention to the fact that the use of synthetic fibres in the world is increasing day by day and stated that yarn manufacturers are processing more and more synthetic fibres day by day. İlknur said; “Synthetic fibres, which are preferred because they are more economical when compared to natural fibres, bring various difficulties in the yarn production processes. We will bring our functional aprons and cots that eliminate the difficulties of working in synthetic yarn production to the market at ITM 2022. In addition, our new generation draw frame cots with the late contamination feature, which significantly increases the working comfort and contributes to the operating costs in cotton-using businesses, will also be exhibited at ITM 2022”.

İlknur announced that the 401-SF&M cots grinding machine, to be exhibited at ITM 2022, is equipped with two independent grinding units as well as many innovations. İlknur expressed that the cots can be easily fed into the system without the need of aligning the cots one by one thanks to the Smart Feeding System in the machine, İlknur explained that with the Auto Rejection feature, the separation over diameter of the cots to be ground is handled automatically, thus preventing personnel-related errors. İlknur disclosed; “Spinners, in fact, buy one machine in two machines concept. I can say that the 401-SF&M is a unique grinding machine considering the investment and operating processes”

“ITM exhibitions have always been important for the textile industry”

Sabri İlknur reminded that an international textile exhibition has not been held in our region for a long time due to the pandemic and stated that ITM exhibitions are always important for the industry. İlknur emphasized that they are making serious preparations for ITM 2022 and that they have great expectations for the exhibition and continued his words as follows; “We have never cut our ties with the Turkish textile industry and yarn manufacturers during the pandemic period, and we have always maintained product supply and service support as their native supplier. We want to meet both our current and potential customers at the exhibition and directly introduce our innovations to them. Besides, ITM is a very important international exhibition for our region. As Asteks, we aim to meet visitors from foreign markets at the exhibition in order to increase our strength in export markets. We are very excited to show our innovations to visitors from the markets of Bangladesh, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan and especially neighbourhood countries”.

“We achieved success in both domestic and international markets in 2021”

Sabri İlknur explained that they have closed 2021 successfully despite the pandemic and mentioned that they have achieved significant growth in both production quantities and sales figures. İlknur stated that the wheels of production have never stopped thanks to the measures they have taken since 2020. He said; “We not only increased our sales in the Turkish market but also diversified our export markets in 2021. Our new products, developed with continuous R&D studies, contributed significantly to our sales in this process. Our NT-86/S apron has gained great acceptance in the market and this product is now being used in 70% of all spindles in Turkey. Our carbon-reinforced apron CTA has become another product of interest. We also received high demand in the market for our Optima and GESA type aprons”.

İlknur expressed that the growth strategy in foreign markets that they started in 2017 was successfully implemented in 2021, underlining that they achieved significant progress in increasing the share of exports in total sales up to 50%. İlknur stated that they export to 30 countries and shared the following details; “Uzbekistan has made significant investments in the textile sector in recent years and has achieved a great improvement in terms of capacity. However, this market seems to have reached a certain level of saturation in the context of large investments, so we have significant increases mainly in aprons and cots sales, along with the sales of our latest machines. In addition, both our aprons and cots sales and our grinding machine sales are progressing together in the Bangladesh and Pakistan markets. We see great potential in Bangladesh and Pakistan markets in the context of all our product groups, and we are making our preparations accordingly”.

İlknur emphasized that they will attach importance to growth in export markets in 2022, and disclosed that they have also established the necessary infrastructures for ‘sustainable’ growth in these markets. He reminded that they are well active in the markets of Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, neighbourhood countries and lately Vietnam, stating that they also achieved development in the European region.

İlknur added that they expect to sustain the growth exceeding the previous year in both domestic and international markets in 2022, and that the ITM 2022 will make a significant contribution to them in this context.