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ITMA 2019, preview

Published: July 5, 2019

MESDAN® S.p.A., established in 1952, is a renowned Italian manufacturer of YARN SPLICERS, KNOTTERS and


The testing equipment division has grown into a leading textile-testing brand, known as Mesdan-Lab.

Mesdan-Lab is one of very few companies able to offer complete QC testing solutions for spinning (fibre and yarn testers), weaving and knitting (fabric physical testing equipment and colourfastness), dyeing & finishing (package dyeing, piece dyeing, continuous dyeing, etc.), as well as comfort analysis (like PPE testing).

Besides equipment, Mesdan-Lab supplies calibration reports as well and top quality traceable consumables to fulfil all kinds of testing methods. With the recent acquisition of the ISO 17025 accreditation Mesdan-Lab become an official CALIBRATION laboratory in compliance with this norm.

Mesdan-Lab equipment is approved by most prestigious garment brands & retailers and used by all leading testing houses. Finally, Mesdan is the official agent in Europe of Thermetrics Inc. (USA), manufacturers of precision instruments for thermal comfort assessment. Its applications spread from traditional textiles (garments) through high-tech sportswear, uniforms, protective clothing and accessories to footwear and automotive industry.

At the forthcoming ITMA show in Barcelona (20 – 26 June 2019) Mesdan will exhibit its products in two halls:

SPINNING:  Hall 7 – stand A210b

Mesdan booth will be located on a big corporate two-floor island exceeding 800sqm, together with its sister companies, Savio and Loepfe. Mesdan will display:

  • a complete range of yarn splicers for the production of 100% knotless yarn, both for regular yarn and yarns for technical & industrial applications. Special focus on hand-operated MOISTAIR 6981A/E and 6982A/E, the most versatile yarn splicer both in terms of yarn composition and count range spanning from very coarse multifold cotton Ne 1,2 up to very fine plied
  • Laboratory equipment for spinning mills, for fiber and yarn quality

TESTING:          Hall UL – stand C207

The second Mesdan booth will be located in the “testing hall” focusing fabric testing, as well as Laboratory dyeing & finishing.

* * *

Mesdan-Lab division will display a selection of laboratory equipment, here a brief highlight:

  • CONTEST-S, first time on display the unique automatic cotton stickiness (honeydew) tester,
  • completion of the popular “Mini-Spinning” line, miniature spinning lab scale, one of the most demanded Mesdan-Lab equipment in the last years, particularly interesting for didactic purposes, R&D as well as for sampling and melange producers,
  • Yard Data Logger (YDL), data acquisition software for yarn testing equipment, such as evenness, strength, count, twist, ,
  • presentation of the fourth generation of the Tensolab tensile strength testing machines, featuring new technology, new design, new operation software,
  • in the Lab dyeing section, focus on the “Lab to bulk” with display of LODO, the forefront of the Mesdan Dyelab product

For other novelties, we will leave as a surprise. Looking forward to seeing you in Barcelona.

For additional information please contact Mesdan:

Tel. +39.0365.653142 – Fax +39.0365.651011

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