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ITMA 2019 Barcelona Savio Macchine Tessili, Italy Hall H7 Stand A210

Published: June 3, 2019

Savio at ITMA 2019: a provider of High Tech and Industry 4.0 winding solutions

Over its 100+ years history, the Italian manufacturer Savio acted as technological leader and most innovative player in attractive niches of the textile value chain. Savio leverages on the best value-formoney proposition in the industry and has a consolidated presence in all relevant geographies with a local-for-local approach, allowing to promptly address market demand and requirements.
Savio is specialized in the yarn-finishing segment, being the leading supplier of winding, twisting and rotor spinning machines, with manufacturing plants spanning over Italy, China, India and Czech  Republic. Savio will exhibit in Barcelona innovative, highly automated, energy saving and Industry 4.0 solutions in all displayed machines.

Premium package quality
Savio offers winding systems that are ideal for many different needs, supporting customers in the textile challenge and developing new applications to meet their requests. Manmade fibers and elastomeric yarns (single and dual core) have reached a dominant role in fiber demand growth, becoming a very natural part of our life. Savio’s Polar Evolution and EcoPulsarS winding machines can easily process these special and challenging yarns, thanks to special splicing and tension control devices for ensuring perfect joints
and perfect package shape, while always monitoring off-standard values.

Automation – Savio “Direct Link System” bespoke solutions
The requirement for integrated automation in the spinning process is still increasing, because of yarn quality and productivity advantages that such solution offers. Mills request fully automatic link solutions to replace freestanding winders and ring spinning frames (RSF) without doffing devices.

This integrated automation drive has led Savio to offer customers new bespoke link solutions compared to the classic 1-to-1 configuration, to increase this direct feeding flexibility to/fro winder. The latest solution from Savio is the Multi Link, that connects multiple ring spinning frames to one Savio winder, becoming a tailor-made circuit to link two or three RSFs to one winding machine. A special iPeg tray guarantees the circulation of RSF bobbing to/from winder. This solution optimizes space, reduces energy-consumption and production costs.

This automatic bobbin transport shortens servicing paths for the operators and allows an ergonomic material flow. The costs for production, space and energy are reduced, while keeping the quality consistent even with long and multi-connected machines.

Savio way for Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0 is the actual trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. Connectivity, data management, remote machine set-up and operator real time interactivity: this is the Savio way for smart solutions for textile mills. Nowadays, Savio product development is focused on “smart” components that must transmit data online. The new possibilities offered by the connection of the
machines translates into the different levels of Savio Industrial IoT, with the possibility of progressi vesophistication (Basic, Business or Executive). Three different levels of Savio Industrial IoT: different option levels, each corresponding to a different dose of Industry 4.0 applied to Savio textile winding machinery, from simple connectivity and machinery data downloading, to remote machine setup, to operator real-time interactivity.
The leap in quality of textile machinery is evident in the new control systems, which allow for example employees to receive alarm signals directly to their wrist by smartwatch. When one of the winding machines present a problem, the anomaly signal is sent to the operator through a smartwatch, Savio Smart Bracelet, able to communicate also the type of intervention required, thus minimizing the break downtimes of machine.
This data management system is a very modern and important tool, relieving mill operators of timeconsuming routine work. Thanks to data analytics, a wealth of data are available, allowing to manage the different production phases in the best possible way and to monitor all significant parameters anytime and anywhere, making use of mobile devices. All these features enable Savio customers to control overall equipment effectiveness, increase workforce efficiency, and maximize quality and working time. Services are even going mobile. Another direction of technological development concerns maintenance,
with numerous systems already connected in real time with the assistance network, to minimize intervention times, also through remote actions via software without having to send technicians on site. Savio Winder 4.0 is also meant as communication between machine operator and service specialist in case of need.


Founded in Pordenone, North East of Italy, in 1911 by entrepreneur Marcello Savio as a workshop for the production of textile components for the local industry, Savio is today the leader in the yarn finishing machine sector. It operates worldwide in the manufacturing and marketing of automatic winders, heatsetting winders, two-for-one twisters, and rotor spinning frames with factories in Italy, Czech Republic, China and India. A continuous evolution, that set its roots one century ago, with the talent and skills of Marcello Savio, evolved then through the years by taking as points of reference Research & Development,
highest manufacturing flexibility and high quality standards.
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