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ITF releases 2nd tutorial video for training in Indian spinning mills

Published: April 17, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali

In line with its strategy of ‘digital training model’, the Indian Texpreneurs Federation (ITF) has released the second tutorial video for worker training in spinning mills. The 15-minute video, released in 3 languages—English, Hindi and Tamil—is for the role of a Spinning Doffer. It demonstrates step-by-step process on a ring frame doffer from shop floor.

“The video is part of our ‘digital’ effort to professionally train our workers. With attrition level moving up to 30 per cent plus, new worker training is a routine affair in spinning mills. In ITF’s 15-minute videos of worker job roles, experienced workers along with guidance of an expert team, practically demonstrate how to perform a particular task including the best practices and safety tips to be followed in the shop floor,” ITF convenor Prabhu Damodharan said in a press release.

Whenever a new worker is recruited by a mill, the video is shown to the worker in an exclusive classroom repeatedly for few days. This ensures that the prerequisites and basic information are well understood by the worker before he is inducted into a hands-on training with actual machinery, Damodharan added.

“The power of visual media is that repeated watching helps the new workers to ingrain the methodology of even complex manufacturing processes; as well as the various compliances to be followed, even before entering the shop floor,” he said. “Existing workers also watch these tutorial videos once in every month to refresh their memory regarding various work practices.”

In line with ITF’s primary objective of serving the industry, the videos are also uploaded on YouTube for the benefit of mills across India, the Coimbatore-based organisation said.

In the coming months, ITF will be releasing a series of such tutorial videos that will cover a range of departments in spinning mills and a variety of job roles.

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