Indian Texpreneurs Federation (ITF) is aiming to save Rs. 35 crore of its member companies during the first year of using Compressed Air Monitoring System (CAMS) hardware and app. CAMS is a first of its kind industry initiative to help textile manufacturing companies to achieve cost leadership through effective monitoring of air usage in ITF member mills.

“As an industry association, we are working with a mission of improving competitiveness in textile manufacturing sector by achieving cost leadership. Being in an energy intensive industry, ‘energy conservation’ is one of the focus areas of ITF. We have identified many benchmarks and helped member units to achieve those benchmarks,” ITF convenor PrabhuDhamodharan said.

Within the energy consumption space of textile industry, particularly spinning and weaving mills, air consumption is one of the major areas. Air leakage is a major concern in spinning and weaving mills. “For instance, for a 50 lakh size of spindles, the air leakage per spindle is around 0.008 cfm and the estimated loss of energy is 1.65 lakh units / day. The savings possible per year would then be Rs. 35 crore,” Dhamodharan added.

To help mills to sustain this savings, ITF has introduced CAMS for compressed air audit. CAMS identifies electricity loss in pneumatic section of spinning mills. It takes just 5 minutes to measure leakages in one machine and just two days to measure leakages in a 30,000 spindleage mill, the Coimbatore-based association said.

The ITF CAMS mobile app records air flow data. Based on ITF’s past three years of experience, benchmarks have been fixed for air consumption of machines of all makes in spinning mills. Live air flow measurements and recordings are visualised through the app’s user-friendly interface. Reports for machine wise air consumption and scope for savings are generated during every inspection. Every machine should be inspected with CAMS once in 15 days, and reports will help the mill to confirm whether leakages are arrested.

CAMS is a sturdy, portable, battery operated device and first of its kind in the industry for air leakage detection. It will help mills to identify and arrest leakages 100 per cent, the association said.

ITF has already installed CAMS in five of its member mills and it is aiming to install in 100 mills in the first-phase.