7th April 2021, Mumbai: Taking the textile industry by storm, the Italian Luxury brand Moda Biella, collaborates with prestigious, National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) for a workshop that brings them a wealth of industry experience and knowledge. Moda Biella also launched various educational booklets on yarn, weaves, natural fibres and tailoring.

Mr Vikram Mahaldar (MD & CEO, OCM Private Limited) said, “We are delighted to be helping to train and influence the future fabric and garment designers within our industry, and we are proud that Moda Biella is helping create the top Fashion Designers of years to come, who may one day find themselves influencing the catwalks and the retail stores of our country.”

The ‘Moda Biella Master Class’ webinar was conducted for 14 NIFT centres across India for students in Textile Design course. Mr. Malcolm Campbell, European Advisor, Moda Biella, spoke about luxury and technical features of Merino Wool and all Natural Fibres, art and craft of the master weaver, how the sartorial suit has evolved through time, and how to predict future colour, cloth and style trends.

Mr Malcolm Campbell adds, “It is a pleasure to share my knowledge, my experience and my energy with the young textile design students in India. I hope that they enjoy and value their careers in fashion and textiles as much as I have enjoyed mine over the years, and that their confidence grows as designers and trend setters.”

The webinar consisted of two sessions:
Highlights of Session 1 included –
1. Learning about the luxury and technical features of Merino Wool and all Natural Fibres.
2. Admiring the art and craft of the master weaver, in weaving the most beautiful cloths.
3. Respecting the history of how the sartorial suit has evolved through time, and the skill of
the master tailor.

Highlights of Session 2 included –

  1. Appreciating the variety and the beauty of all colours within the colour spectrum.
    2. Understanding the emotion of colour, and how colour can affect your moods and your
    3. Predicting future colour, cloth and style trends with confidence.

Dr. Vasantha, Chairperson – Textile Design, NIFT, said, ‘These sessions were very informative which I’m sure strengthened their knowledge on natural fibres, sustainability and significance of colours.’

Moda Biella has also announced a contest for the NIFT students to coin their very own Hero product which may feature in the upcoming Moda Biella Collection!