October 2020, Mumbai: A revered brand in Italy, known for its heritage and top notch fabrics, Moda Biella, produces a remarkable array of beautiful superfine cloths. A heritage of luxury fabrics and fashion style, Moda Biella is all set to launch their wonderful Festive & Winter 2020 ensemble this festive season, with cloths that are colourful, well designed, robust and comfortable.

The history of Biella can be traced back to 1245, with a rich heritage of artisan weavers having wonderful skill and a passion to weave beautiful cloths. These cloths were woven in yarns spun from the fleeces of Biellese sheep, which were relatively coarser micron. In 18th century, woolen fabrics were coarser, chunkier and heavier and weaving techniques too were not sophisticated as a result the fabrics had a raw touch to them. 19th century saw developments in the textile industry with merino wool from Australia entering the textile space and by the 20th century, merino wool garments became more refined, smoother, smarter and more luxurious.

Moda Biella features superfine merino fabrics and luxury worsteds available in exotic wool blends, with finer micron, finer quality, better handle and drape than before. Today the Moda Biella’s wool comes from the Merino sheep in Australia, New Zealand or Tasmania.

Moda Biella’s Festive & Winter Collection features 4 new and different collections-

  • Italian Heritage (Back to the Future) –  This collection celebrates the heritage and prominence of Moda Biella, featuring classic plains and pin stripes, chalk stripes and checks. Italian fashion industry is renowned for its bespoke sartorial suits, and this collection is the perfect choice for the smart and traditional formal look.
  • The New Formal – Promoting formal suits with a twist and leaning into the new formal – the new sartorial suit – of jackets and coordinating trousers. Made from less formal fabrics and colours, textures and checks, these fabrics come in casual colours of rosette, torque, ginger & burgundy.
  • Country Casuals – The perfect outdoor smart look with checks and fancy features, can be coordinated with formal trousers / jeans / chinos – casual but with style.
  • Out of the Office – This is the newest look on the block emphasizing on the art of dressing well. Consisting of intricate yarns, colour weave effects and interesting colour combinations, this collection is unique and has a technically innovative range of cloths.

The range is available in a plethora of colours, with prominence on natural shades (based on the planet earth), like umber, sienna, mahogany, pine, forest, sea, atlantic, solar, midnight, earth, soil, etc.

Shedding light on the Festive & Winter Collection, Vikram Mahaldar, MD & CEO, OCM Pvt. Ltd., said, “We are glad to have started production in full swing post the Covid-19 lockdown and are ready with our latest 2020 range in 4 different collections, with the festive season just around the corner. We, at Moda Biella have always been committed to providing our customers with the finest luxury fabric range.”

Malcolm Campbell, European Advisor – Moda Biella, said, “Known for its sartorial elegance and heritage, Italian luxury fabrics became an aspiration. Moda Biella, with its foray into the Indian market has made a mark for their wonderful look, touch and feel. Moda Biella’s Festive & Winter Collection 2020 array is an amalgamation of 4 collections together upholding the vision of providing our discerning customers with luxury fabrics.”


MODA BIELLA has been a revered brand in Italy for many years. The fabrics are truly top notch- with superfine exotic fibers to produce a remarkable array of superfine cloths. With a line-up of finely designed fabrics, this brand is not only deep-rooted to its heritage of making world class fabrics but also excels in technical innovation, and outstanding colour and design features.

About OCM:

OCM, one of India’s largest fabric manufacturers, forays into the Indian market with the launch of Italy’s luxurious heritage fashion brand – “MODA BIELLA”.

The Company has an extensive 37 acre complex that houses a new-age plant with an annual capacity of 8 million meters of fabric and an employee base of 1,900. The company’s ownership lies with the promoters of the Donear Group.

The product design function is at the forefront of global styling. Today, the Company has an extensive product range of high quality all-wool and wool-blended worsted fabrics.