66 Italian textile machinery manufacturers will participate in the upcoming ITMA ASIA + CITME 2020,  which will take place in Shanghai at the National Exhibition and Convention Center from June 12 to  16, 2021. Of these, 21 manufacturers will be presenting their technology offerings within National  Sector Groups organized by ACIMIT, the Italian Association of Textile Machinery Manufacturers, and  the Italian Trade Agency. With an occupied area of about 3,200 square meters, Italy is among the  main exhibiting Countries attending the event, as it has been the case in the previous editions. ITMA  ASIA + CITME is, then, a first step towards normality for many companies in the sector, after more  than a year in which even the exhibition activity has stopped. 

Asia represents the main destination for Italian textile machinery manufacturers. In 2020 38% of  Italian textile machines exports went to Asia. Moreover, China is an absolutely important market for  Italian companies: the first in Asia and the second worldwide behind only Turkey. In 2020 Italian  machinery exports to China accounted for 14% of Italian exports in the sector (over 190 million  euros). The main destinations in the area also include Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. 

“The outlook for the Asian market remains positive, despite the fact that demand for machinery  slowed considerably during 2020 due to the pandemic, says ACIMIT President Alessandro Zucchi.  China, before many other Countries, has resumed its path of economic growth. In the textile sector,  investments have never stopped. On the Chinese market, therefore, there is no lack of opportunities  and I believe that ITMA ASIA + CITME will confirm expectations of a recovery in demand”. 

Unfortunately, the health emergency still causes limitations for the full mobility abroad of the  companies’ staff, both commercial and technical, and not only the Italian ones, thus preventing a  greater participation in this edition of ITMA ASIA + CITME. Zucchi concludes: “Waiting for a return to  a situation of normality with a more numerous collective attendance at the trade fairs, I am convinced  that the Italian manufacturers exhibiting in Shanghai will be able to testify to the high level of  innovation achieved by the Made in Italy offer, proposing some technological innovations, especially  in terms of sustainability and digitalization of the textile production process”.

Mr. Massimiliano Tremiterra, Trade Commissioner of Italian Trade Agency Shanghai Office,  commented that Italian cutting-edge technology can contribute greatly in terms of innovation and  development of the flourishing Chinese textile industry. In Eastern China, there are the top three  Provinces for textile and garment industry: Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Fujian, that along with the  Provinces Guangdong and Shandong reach around 80% of the industry’s production capability. Italy  remains one of the leading suppliers of textile machinery in China: for cleaning, dyeing and finishing  machines, knitting, stitch-bond, lace and auxiliary machinery. With its high-tech and eco-friendly  manufacturers, Italy is one of the most important players in the textile machinery industry. The Italian  textile machinery industry focus on sustainability and innovation, in line with the keystones of the  Chinese 14th five-years plan and the Made in China 2025 plan. This is also the reason why China  has become an even more important market for Italian exports. It is the right time for the two  countries to start a new round of trade and speed up the joint construction of the Silk Road Economic  Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road.