Populus Spp. Or then again Poplar (Vernacular: Frass: Safeeda) is a sort of 44 types of deciduous blossoming plant in the family Salicaceae. It is adioecious species having separate having separate male and female trees. These are generally dispersed in the calm and sub-tropical districts of the Northern Hemisphere. Six native types of Poplars Viz., Populusciliata, Populusalba, Populuseuphratica, Populusgamblii, Populusjacquemontii and Populusrotundifolia are accounted for in India. As of late their development has stretched out to Punjab, Haryana, Himachal, UP and West Bengal. Poplars are developed all over Jammu and Kashmir. A review on trees outside woods by Forest Survey of India uncovers that poplars are one of the ten most unmistakable tree species filled in Jammu and Kashmir.In Kashmir area Populus is a stupefying sort with old history of customary development.

Native types of poplars happening in Jammu and Kashmir are examined as under:Populusciliata (Jungli Fras): This species is disseminated from Kmr. to Arunachal Pradesh at an elevation of 1300-3000 mt. This is the most inescapable types of local poplars, Trees as a rule happen on the banks of water courses. Populuseuphratica : It happens in Ladakh locale and reaches out to Punjab and Sindh (Pakistan), Tibet, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Turkey. Populusalba (White poplar): It happens in Kannaur, Himachal Pradesh and portions of Kashmir and Ladakh.

Populusdeltoides (Russi Fras): This is the most broadly plantedspecies of poplar in India and Populusnigra (Black poplar). This happens in road estates in the Kashmir valley. Among the two colorful species while Populusnigra was supposedly presented as road tree around four centuries prior and Populusdeltoideswas presented by Department of Social Forestry during the year 1984. As indicated by FSI report that around90% of the volume acknowledged from Poplars is obtainedfrom the estate of different clones of Populusdeltoides. Privately misquoted as “Rousee Fras” (Russian Popular) however local to North America, a significant part of the plants of Populusdeltoides in Kashmir are female cultivars.