Denim mill in Turkey Isko is continuing its circular journey by forming a new cooperation with the Swedish research and development firm MoRe Research, which is part of the Rise Research Institutes of Sweden.
The companies will collaborate to create innovative, sustainable technologies that will use waste and cellulose-based materials (produced from natural elements such as plants, algae, and bacteria) to end the fashion manufacturing cycle. Another goal of the collaboration is to make cellulose-based material production more sustainable.
The partnership aims to find ways to repurpose the clean and toxic-free cellulose powders produced by decomposing cotton and recycled polyester. Isko also recently joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Jeans Redesign project and announced a licensing agreement for HKRITA’s Green Machine.
Isko is known for using recycled fibers as well as reused cotton and polyester derived from PET bottles in its own production. In July, Isko partnered with vertically integrated Pakistan denim manufacturer Soorty on a technology licensing agreement that brought together each company’s fabric and garment production.